What is ender 3 build volume?

The Ender 3D series of Creality printers is stronger and more popular than ever before. The series has found a worship by manufacturers worldwide starting with the Ender 3. Now, Ender 3 Pro is available for under $300, which makes it the best 3D printer under $200 in Winter 2019.

Ender 3 Pro has high expectations, and the good news is: The Ender 3 Pro is an exceptional 3D printer, taking into account its price.

But first of all let’s make one thing clear: this machine is simply a bold declaration for marketing by Pro. Ender 3 Pro can’t be considered a professional press but is an affordable 3D printer.

For producers, hobbyists, tinkerers, and to a certain degree even educated beginners it is an excellent and affordable tool. And if you’re willing to spend some time and carefully care for the printer, the Ender 3 Pro offers amazing quality printing that shames priced printers.

There are nevertheless many good reasons for dropping $250. Firstly, the very low price is obvious! Second, Ender 3 Pro offers characteristics that you cannot find in expensive 3D printers: a suitable 220 x 220 / 250mm build volume, a magnetic bed, a power recovery mode and an easy-to-work filament path.

What are the Ender 3 Special features?

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1. A 3D printer, brand power supply was adopted for Creality Ender-3 Pro.

The listed company manufactures over 30 years of experience of mature technology in the power supply industry.

The power supply manufactured meets all requirements of quick heating and long-term 3D printing.

Provides all necessary components with safer and quicker heating.

The printer is protected from voltage spikes and power failures by its power supply. If the power is lost, prints from the last layer can be resumed, saving time and reducing waste.

2. Build volume

The Ender 3 Max is traditionally found only on its CR-series printers with 300 x 300 x 340 mm.

The Ender 3 Max seems to fill the hole as a large-size budget printer of Creality, with some modern amenities that justify their existence in the ( still fairly expensive) old CR-10 model that allows you to print reasonably more than is possible on other Ender 3 machines.

3. The entirely removable and flexible state-of-the-art magnet bed “C-MAG” is designed for Creality Ender-3 Pro 3D Printer.

The textured surface adheres better than traditional methods such as bandage, glue or hair-spraying to all types of filament.

On bigger prints no more model warping!

When the models are completed, remove the magnetic top from the bottom and bend or flex the surface of the print to easily see the model emerge from the printer surface.

4. Silent mainboard

In addition to TMC 2208 silent stepper drivers that significantly decreased the wiring noise in comparison with previous Ender 3 printers or even the pre production unit, the Ender 3 Max is supplied with the newest 32-bit motherboard. Nice to get Defo.

5. High precision CNC machining techniques for all metal brackets, ensures accurate positioning and a more stable structure all-round.

New, more ergonomic, wider bed nuts, make bed leveling much easier and more accurate to ensure that it takes more time to print and less time to level.

How to make your Ender 3 bigger?

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1. Upgrade Extender Size : Ender Extender 400XL

When it comes to 3D printing, who doesn’t like bigger? I am sure you are planning to increase your 3D printing capabilities, if you have space, so it covers more. This is certainly possible, and this article will explain how your 3D printer can be enlarged.

A designated conversion kit, such as Ender Extender 400XL, is the best way to enlarge an Ender 3 printer. The aluminum extrusions can be extended to larger ones and the necessary parts can be refurnished to increase the volume. Make sure your slicer is changed to reflect the new bed volume.

Tired of losing 14% of the building space? We’ve got your answer. First, you can change how the printed bed attaches to the frame instead of using and fighting with the binder clamps that came with Ender 3. Two options are available, changing the clips or changing the printed bed.

2.Clips ditch

Convert the binder clips to an option for low profile photo frame springs, like these. The cool thing about these frame fountains is that they lock and remain in place. If you crash and push your printer, you also have sufficient space to get out.

3. Replace the printed bed

Exchange the printed bed to clamp down with the magnetic bed from Creality which fits directly on the construction surface of the Ender 3. The flexible construction platform easily removes the magnetic basis and makes it easier than ever to deform your print. Note, however, that magnetic bed performance began to be below 60 °C, which means that ABS filament was not compatible.

4. Silent mainboard

Two main noise sources are available on your printer: 1) fans and 2) drivers (chips) running your step engines. The noise that you associate with printing is caused by the cheap stepper motor drivers on the Ender 3 panel.

Silent motherboard of the creativity (v1.1.5). The TMC2208 stepper engine drivers can upgrade this board directly to your existing Ender 3 mainboard. This is the biggest upgrade you can do to “sound.” It reduces the noise of your printer from 48dB to 36dB, while the rest of the sound comes from Ender 3 fans (which can also be upgraded to quieter fans).

5. Octoprint

OctoPrint is the 1st upgrade that simplifies and enjoys the entire 3D printing experience. This upgrade is not directly related to print quality, but saves you a ton of time and headaches. You will never have to load and start SD card prints again with OctoPrint.

In short, OctoPrint is a library running on a small computer called Raspberry Pi. You log on to a smart interface from your computer when you want to print anything. You can control your printing device, start and stop prints and more via the interface. With a small camera, you can even remotely monitor your printer!

6. Swap the firmware

Creality’s Ender3 firmware can only use a print surface area of 220 x 220 mm by default. However, the firmware of Creality is an older version of Marlin RepRap’s official firmware. (To make the software work with the Ender 3, reality made some amendments.) See our article about updating Ender 3 to Marlin’s latest version to change it.

Change code: Change code You can make the necessary changes to Marlin’s bed size and flash to the printer once you have finished the latest version of the firmware. If you change the code of Marlin, you will need some experimentation. For safety, a maximum size of 230 x 230 mm is recommended. (The increase was 9 percent!) Note the addition of protection against hot end flush and advanced control during reflashing may appear extreme. The firmware is reflashing.

Watch First 24 Upgrades & Mods for Ender 3 Pro [Video]

Top 5 FAQ and Answers Related to Ender 3 build volume

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How does the Ender 3 works?

The Ender 3 functions as a standard FDM printer. Before you start printing you will need a 1.75mm filament roll to load in the extruder. 3D objects can be clicked to form a printable gcode file with a slicer, such as Cura. You can access the Gcode files with an SD card on the Ender 3.
When a printed matter is finished, remove it from the bed—use a scraper if required.

Is Ender 3 software available?

Marlin firmware is shipped with Ender 3. Most 3D printers have this software as a standard. It can be upgraded with a bootloader and offers a number of tools for the full operation of your printer.
Gcode files can be printed on the Ender 3. These can be cut using any software for cutting. We use Cura, which definitely has proven itself as a reliable slicer in the 3D printing community. But many more like Slic3r are worth trying online.

How does Ender 3 and Ender 3 Pro differ?

In design, they are very similar. The Pro model has several hardware upgrades, which distinguish between the Ender 3. A much smaller and quieter Meanwell power supply unit is available on the printer. The Y-axis is mounted on a 40×40 piece of aluminum extrusion to stabilize the printing surface.
The magnetic bed may be the most remarkable difference. Prints are placed directly on a magnetic sheet, which can be easily removed once a print is finished. Ender 3 has a fan on the base of the printer capturing falling filament parts. This fan was moved to the bottom of the printer in the Ender 3 Pro.

Who builds the Ender 3?

The Ender 3 is a Creality-produced 3D printer. In June 2014, the company was established. Currently, reality is based in Shenzen, China. The brand is famous for the production of different 3D products.

How quickly can Ender 3 prints?

The Ender 3 has a maximum printing speed of 200 mm/s. Probably at this speed, you won’t print, but it reduces your journey time.


ender 3

The Ender 3 is China’s first fully open source printer. Creality 3D works with its marvelous user community to improve this open source 3 daily. The result is a design that culminates in some of the best and best minds in the world of 3D printing.

The Creality Ender-3 3D Printer is now one of the best FDM printers for its performance and versatility, for under $200.

Although the FDM 3D printer is a budget, its features are similar to many high-end printers.

The Creality Ender-3 3d printer is one of the most popular 3D printers available on the market with a number of features.

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