There are lots of typical printing methods. You might have heard of lots of words related to printing. There are many sources stored in our mind from taking a copy to your mind from a book to taking a copy of you. It has been years taking copies. There have been hundreds of concepts related to printing.

You also might have been a fan of films that inspired live printing. If you have a look at this concept with a modern eye there will be thousands of views that can take our world to a lot better place. Neither you nor I haven’t made such dedications to this world like developing a thing that can change the direction of this world.

But, it has taken almost 4 decades to make a revolutionary change in the printing field. This is the right time to take 3D printing to the next level.

What is 3D printing?

If someone needs to know what a 3D printer is, 3D printing is the process of creating 3-dimensional objects. As you have already heard, printing is the process of copying some paper on to another. It’s the most typical explanation for the printing you might have heard.

It consisted of 02 main categories, which are color printing and black and white printing. At present printing has stepped into its next level and it is available in 3D. In early times there were only two dimensions. They were width and height. But, at present, there is another dimension called depth.

So, we can define 3D printing as the process of printing 3-dimensional objects which have width, height, and depth. This is not a stranger theory at all. If you have a look at a printed paper, you will see that it is erected from the paper. Just imagine, if someone puts the same paper a thousand times, there will be a thousand layers in the same place.

This has been the basic rule of 3D printing. The entire work is done by the additive process. An entire 3D object is made by adding very thin layers. If we have a look at the cross-section of a printed object, we will be able to see that it is made of composed very thin layers.

This very complicated method allows you to re-create very complicated and expensive objects into an inexpensive object. That particular object is created using very inexpensive materials. This is the simplest explanation to a very complex question if someone asks, what a 3D printer is. A 3D printer can deliver you from mugs to toys, metal parts, and anything as possible.

It has not been expanded to create very advanced things yet. Just imagine, one day this amazing technology will take you to the level of generating human organs in its best quality. 3D printer will be a revolutionized device shortly itself as it has shown its margins of society’s needs.

Let’s get going with a 3D printer!

If you tell one of your friends that you are going to get a printout, they will think that you are trying to get a 2-dimensional print from your printer.

These are the ways, how to use a 3D printer. First, you have to load toner or ink into the cartridge and then get into the work. But, they all have become history. Even though few people have heard of 3D printing, most of the people know what you mean.

People know that a 3D printer is not a thing that can perform getting carbon copies. A 3D printer uses a collective method which is called Additive Manufacturing (A.M.). As previously mentioned, layers are added to fill the object you need as a 3D model.

There are several names for this process. 3-D layering and 3-D printing are such names. If you have any kind of accumulation, 3D printing is similar to that. Just like particles are deposited in a crystal cave, 3D printing uses some layers to be applied on a surface. Though it takes millions of years to deposit particles on a crystal, it is not taking much time to produce a 3D model of any object as that process is completed by computer software and necessary materials are provided. The functioning of a 3D model depends on the purpose.

It can be described in this way. If you are planning to design something, you may do the sketching, draw, make a model or anything you are convinced. But, if you need to show or prove something by your particular model. You will need to show something realistic and sketches or drawings won’t suffice you. There has to be something special and realistic too. Then comes the 3D printer. It is being one of the best devices you have got to demonstrate a model like that. All these things will make you realize that 3D printing technology is awesome to think of.

The man behind this work

Charles Hull was the person who invented the 3D printer. It was not about your dad’s dot matrix printer. It’s about the whole process of 3D printing. This person could achieve this in the mid-1980s.

1983 was a very special year for this person as he started changing the world to his way. He had been conducting many trials to invent this amazing thing. Remember, in 1983 what the scientists and inventors had been struggling and the technology they were using.

It was the year when was the 3D printer invented. They were using a very primary technology when compared with the thing that Hull was going to invent. Microsoft Company was not even in the 90 versions and the Apple Company was just established in early history. This person must have had a good vision of what he was doing not for just himself but the entire world. Charles Hull was experimenting on the title of hardening the UV light.

He was a pioneer in that field when he was just guided towards a direction by himself. In the early 1980s, he established a company that manufactures printing items related to 3D printing. It was a commercial success and he was well funded with the income to carry out his researches. Not only that but also he could earn the people’s trust to ensure that his future career is safe among the other inventors and the financial strength.

Hull had a competitor who was having a bit of race with him. It was Carl Deckard. There was a competition to get the patent to the technology for 3D printing and Hull was the winner.

Procedure he did..

He could win the patent as it was all about his independent invention. Hull had the ownership of the patent in 1986 for 3D printing. Though he could get the patent there was a lot to go and get for 3D printing. He had to conduct tests to identify the most appropriate elements for a 3D printer as it cost almost $100,000 for the first 3D printer.

He could understand that not only having a 3D printer for a customer but also getting a 3D print by that particular customer would be as expensive as creating a live sample. Therefore he conducted several experiments and hard work to achieve the target of getting his idea a reality.

Finally, he achieved his target by opening a 3D printer shop when the entire world was on a stage of typical printing techniques. Through that specific step, he made a true justice to the patent he earned. It is much important to remember Charles Hull as the person who invented the 3D printer.

What a 3D printer can make

If you are making up your mind to purchase a 3D printer, you must be looking for the designs you can go through. It is not so hard to understand that what a 3D printer can design as the entire word defines what it is capable of doing. If you want to copy something special in 3 dimensionally, the 3D printer will be able to get it done. If you have a toy that needs to be kept forever, a 3D printer will make it easy.

If you have a solid souvenir received from one of your friends, you will have to keep it safer from other things. Just imagine that you lost control and that souvenir fell. There is nothing you could do about it a few years ago. But, now you have an option called 3D printing. Even though that souvenir fell a hundred times, you can re-make it two hundred times. See how amazing this technology is.

There are many manufacturers in many divisions. Even though they are from different shape companies, vehicle manufacturers, spare part producers, toy companies, weapon makers, or any other company in the world who do three-dimensional products, they have to expend lots of money and time to see their prototypes being made. In history, it was a long process until a prototype was being made. They had to wait for weeks to see the shape of the item they are going to produce. Later those producers got the help of the computers and those computers couldn’t provide anything than showing the item in a 3-dimensional view.

A good example you can understand

Imagine you are a shoe designer, and you have a design in your mind. Then this 3d printing technology can make you feel the shape of the shoe you are going to issue to the market. Not only has that but also thought of an automobile manufacturer who develops vehicles and parts. He must produce a vehicle part to see if that fits with the other parts in a few years ago. But, at present, he can check if it fits well with other parts before producing it on a larger scale.

It is a huge save of money when compared with a manufacturer who expects to produce items in millions. So, the expenditure goes for research is saved in leaps and bounds.

There are many examples of how do the 3D printers work and for the uses of 3D printing. There are wars in all parts of the world. The only thing a war gives is the destruction. ISIS has done huge damage to the world financially and physically. The Middle East is a region that has a long history for mankind. So, there are many artifacts and statues all around that region. But, thanks to terrorism most of the artifacts are being destroyed.

3D printing technology can bring all those artifacts back as the way they were being held. That is one way to what is a 3D printer. If we step back in history further back, we will meet dinosaurs. There are hundreds of dinosaur species in the prehistoric era need to be discovered.

So, thanks to this technology all those species can be brought back as 3D models. This will be a tremendous concept for the future world to bring back many live sample size models. There is the possibility to remake most of the extinct animal species. Those were a shortlist of examples for how do 3d printers work in day-to-day work.

The medical field is crucial

What can you do with a 3D printer is not a limited thing. There are lots of advantages to the medical field as well.

There are lots of patients suffering from various diseases in their internal organs. So, it is most common to conduct operations to make them cured. Doctors are facing many troubles with the ways being prepared for those operations as it is not going to be a walk in the park. Physicians have to deal with the organs they have never seen in real life which belong to the patient.

So, it is important if there is any way to see inside and the outer surface of the particular organ. 3D printer becomes a hero in this part as well. It has enabled the possibilities to make similar copies of the organs and have a look at the organs well before doing the surgeries. Not only in doing surgeries but also in replacing internal organs, this technology is being used. Specialized doctors are seeking all the possible matches to replace an internal organ of a patient.

They are considering all the factors like blood group, genetically connected allies, history of the disease, and the symptoms, and many millions of things. But, they intentionally forget about the primary factors as they don’t have the necessary technology. Taking out the organ to take necessary readings is a very basic thing that should be done before considering all other factors.

But, it was not possible till yesterday. It is now possible thanks to the 3d printing. All these things make 3D printing more technically sacred and they are things what is a 3D printer going to look like. These are the things that can you do with a 3D printer and the list is into the level of infinity. It is really important to remember the answer to the question, what is 3D printing and the answer would be it is not what we mean by what is a 3D printer. 3D printing is a whole new and revolutionary thing.