If you are asking yourself, what can I make and sell with a 3d printer, there will be lots of answers.

A 3D printer is the latest device for the modern world. There are unlimited things you can do with a 3D printer. It’s up to you to decide whether you are going to earn money over the 3D printer or get any other use out of it. Though most people try to have an experience with the latest gadget, it has passed many years since its arrival and there are new things that can be done using the 3D printer.

What it is meant by a 3D printer doesn’t always mean rehearsing. With additive manufacturing, the 3D printer has been able to expand its margins and there are lots of customizations that can be made and the expenditure to get a 3D print has decreased. So, there is an opportunity to make money rather than using a 3D printer for an entertainment purpose. Even if you are using the 3D printer for entertainment or just as a homing device, there are multiple ways to earn money with the 3D printer.

What you need to have is a good attitude to earn money. Though attitude is the thing you should have, it won’t be well enough.

Commercial Printing

If you expect to earn money with the 3D printer there are lots of things you need to achieve. Though this can be started over one night, you will have to stop your efforts at one point because of some reason.

Therefore it’s always better to be ready for such situations and it will save lots of money and those things have to be considered as the investment along with the 3D printer.

Here are some initial things you should do before stepping into the market. Although your intention is a business or a tip money equation, you have to have these capabilities within the range of your grab.

Finding capital

You should have enough capital to go through with a 3D printer. Even though there are 3D printers in the price range from $30 to $3500, you should be well aware that a technically sounding 3D printer cots about $2000 and you should have the money to purchase that. Unless you are going to earn money with the 3D printer, you will not be able to maintain an expensive printer as there is no way of flowing money towards you.

But, if you expect to make money at the commercial level, there will be lots of resources to find the money for your commercial 3D printer. Before answering what can I make and sell with a 3d printer, you will have to find the money.

Getting the printer for your purpose

There are 3D printers in a large variation. You should have a clear idea about the business you are going to stick to. Because, if you purchase a 3D printer that doesn’t match with all your intentions, that will be only a waste of your money.

Some printers are capable of printing boats also. Therefore there is nothing you have to worry about the limitation of the technology. There is everything possible with the 3D printer as the 3D printer is expanding its margins rapidly day by day.


You should be able to find the materials for the printer as well as its parts from the market. A 3D printer consists of advanced technology. Therefore you should be able to easily replace the parts whenever there is an error with those parts.

World’s best dealers for 3D printers have their parts in the shops. As technology has developed a lot, you should be able to import the parts online as well. Though you can see the parts for the lowest price, those parts should be very well checked before fixing to the 3D printer as it may cause physical or functioning damages to the 3D printer.

Before, what can I make and sell with a 3d printer, you will lose the printer itself.  Material is a factor you should be worrying on the other hand as it is the inclusion in the outcome. You have the option to select the materials for the printer as well. You should select suitable material for the task you are going to engage with.

Technical knowledge of the 3D printer

Though the 3D printer has already been purchased, if you don’t know the operations and the maintenance, you will have to face many troubles as there are some parts needed to adjust after a print.

If you are going to get prints of different objects, you will have to change the axis as well as the location of some parts of the printer. Most importantly you should keep in mind that there is a lack of skilled people and the service providers for 3D printers as this is a newly introduced technology on the commercial scale.

Decide what to do

Imagine that you are in the final stage of the business. You must reconsider the things you can do with your 3D printer. Demand for the items, goods, or services varies from place to place as well as time to time.

You should identify the needs of the market and adapt to the needs of the market demands. This is not all about goods. If there is a lack of learning about 3D printers or 3D printer is such a different word to your region, you will earn lots of money by teaching about the 3D printers.

Another most important thing is time. Time makes lots of changes. Time takes millions of years to do a change while itself takes a snapping like time to do changes. The demand for a good at present may reduce on tomorrow. You should be able to sense such things and adapt to time.

As an example, if you start printing toys today, there will be hundreds of people started to do so as the human nature as well. Though a 3D printer is a magic instrument today, it will have been a common good after a few weeks. If you adapt to these changes and challenges well, you will be able to get many positive things for your business.

Here are cool things you can make with the 3D printer and you can think if what can I make and sell with a 3d printer. You will find these useful 3D print ideas to find your path.

Smart Wallet

You must have a wallet to keep your things in a safe place wherever you go. You can keep your credit cards, tickets, money, slim and necessary things.

There are lots of designs in the market that you have to pay a huge sum to buy a wallet. But, you can use your 3D printer to replicate a wallet of your own. You can buy an expensive and the latest design and then you can use that to make your wallets.

What you have to pay is the amount of money you pay for the first item. Then you can start creating wallets and make changes too. This will be a great beginning for your business.

Secret Butterfly Box

Even though you are a kid or not you must have been loving to have a secret butterfly box to hide your little things. If you have kids they will love to keep a box to hide their stuff.

There are lots of designs in the market and what you have to do is to find a better design and apply your changes or make the prints as a carbon copy. Though you are going to sell it or not, you will find this impressive for your kids. You can use your best filament to get the best result and make it a better design.

Tri-Pod for your camera or phone

Most people take photos using their hand and you might remember that it is not the perfect way to take pictures. In the early days when the camera was not available on mobile phones, people had cameras to take pictures. To get the best photos or family pictures, photographers used tripods to take pictures. At present, the camera has become so common and anyone can take pictures of themselves.

But, the quality of the photos has decreased because of the shake. If you love to take family photos rather than taking selfies with your family, you will be able to create your tripod and take some quality pictures.

 Toothpaste tube squeezer

This is a thing helps you to get every drop of the toothpaste without any waste. If you don’t have any toothpaste tube squeezer at home, this will be the best time to create your toothpaste tube squeezer.

This thing has to be made of 03 different parts and then you will have to fix them together. You can use colors and filament to get a better quality toothpaste tube squeezer.

This is not only going to give you the full use of the toothpaste but also you will be able to keep your mouth as fresh as mint. This is the coolest thing if you think, what can I make and sell with a 3d printer.

Labyrinth Gift Box

Labyrinth Gift Box can be used in many occasions such as parties, weddings, birthdays, and at any celebration, you have to attend to.

Cash is not the only thing that increases the value of your gifts, but the way you present it as a lovely gift. Labyrinth Gift Box is such a thing that enables you to give your presentation more pleasantly.

You can perfectly design this and you don’t have to go in search of a gift box after this. Sometimes it takes more time to find a box to put the gift than the time we take to search the gift. This box can be designed in 02 pieces and you need to add smoothest filaments to the printer to get the best design. However, the lucky person will have to spend some time to unluck the present after he received it.

Self-Watering Planter

Self-watering planter is such a cool 3D print idea. Are you afraid of staying away for a night from home? Are you worried about your plants wherever you go?

There is an answer for you with the 3D printer. You can design your Self-Watering Planter to add water to your plants.

You can easily add water and shave asleep without being concerned. Self-Watering Planter is a bit valuable invention done by the 3D printer. Your household plants can survive over one week with this Self-Watering Planter as it can retain a huge amount of water.

 Create a dustbin for your room

The dustbin is a necessary segment for a room if you dream away of what can I make and sell with a 3d printer.

But, its nature and maintenance vary according to each room. You can’t place the same dustbin in the kitchen and your room. So, there are some occasions that you have to clean the dustbin as well as dump it. So, you have to keep many dustbins for your home.

If you are trying to create such items for your home that will be possible with your 3D printer. You can design dustbins for your home in different versions such as a dustbin for your room, another one for the kitchen, and a dumping dustbin for the kitchen. You can use different filaments to achieve your goal in different shapes, sizes, and life lengths.


This is a highly demanding field where you can earn in thousands.

There are expensive items in the market that sellers demand high prices for their items. You can select those items and produce them using your 3D printer. Handcrafts consume more time and then they should be paid a fair price for their work.

But, that’s not about you. You have a gift and you can use that gift to produce souvenirs for a low expenditure and have a fair price in the market. This process is unlike handcrafting and you don’t have to pay much time and materials for the work as it is a matter of your 3D printer’s capacity. Also, you can step in to create statues in their real size.

There is a high demand in the landscaping for live size and shaped statues that can be used to beautify gardens. If you hope to find a reasonable price to have a rapid growth for your business, you can start producing statues and relics for the museums as well. But, you will probably have to spend lots of time and money for the materials and designing part. Finally, it will be your winning goal as well.

This is one of the best 3D print ideas and these are very best cool ideas for you.