The 3D printer is a device that requires knowledge to operate. You need to have proper technical knowledge about the device you expect to operate.

There are lots of printers available in the market which allow you to design and create lots of productions either for your entertainment or as an investment. It’s always better to be aware of the printers available in the market if you are going to invest in the 3D printer.

Though a 3D printer is considered a digital device it still has to be counted as a sacred to many people because of the fewer owners all around the globe. If you ever come up with this word in a needy country in the world, you will amaze to know that they haven’t even heard about this word.

You will have to identify the parts of the 3D printer for better designing as well as the best performance. If you have the technical knowledge about the 3D printer, you will be able to do the necessary maintenance as well as repair of your printer by yourself. It will be a save for both your money and the time.

Before getting too deeper, it’s better to know about the basic types of 3D printers and the tasks that can be achieved by them. Here are the latest and the most common 3D printers in the world. You will be able to identify your needs and match them with your needs. This is a type of 3D printer you should consider.

Stereolithography (SLA)

This is the oldest of all types of 3d printers used for printing. As it is said old id gold, this method is still being practiced in the world.

People have been using this method since 1986 when the 3D printer concept was introduced to the world. This is an amazing method to know This is not like any other 3D printer as it extrudes some ink on the surface of the printed object. Liquid plastic is turned in to the plastic.

That is what is going to happen Stereolithography (SLA). People think this is a great way to start their first step in 3D printing. But, this method requires some other technical knowledge as well as time to spend with the 3D printer. Because there are lots of activities done before 3D printing.

It won’t be necessary to remind that the first 3D printer was invented in 1986 when there was not any good way to operate the computer. Lots of hard work has to be done for that. You will have to create a CAD file detailing all the information about the X, Y, and Z-axis and it has to be set up in the 3D printer. You will have to adjust the setting once you are done printing one particular object.

There are limitations related to the size as well. Because all the activities should be done within a range where all the dimensions not expendable. But, this method is a great way to have good experience regarding 3D printing technology.

Reliability is the number one

This method can be used on any occasion whatever is being your intention to use 3D printing technology. If you have something in your mind related to a crystal-like appearance, this will be the result you have to mind because Stereolithography (SLA) is using clear filaments to have crystal clear printouts in the result. It is a reliable source you can trust which may bring 100% accurate design you had wished for.

Size is not a factor anymore with Stereolithography (SLA)

There are several 3D printers and types of 3d printers that can be used to have your work accomplished. But, Stereolithography (SLA) is important to you in another way.

You can have a print of any size object wish with this model. If you are going to print a boat using this printer, you will be able to have your boat of your own. Time is not a thing accelerated in this model.

So, you will have to what several minutes to get a 3D print of a small object while that length can be days if you hope to print a larger object. It will take days to get a print if you want a 3D print of a boat as I have mentioned earlier.

More advantages..

You should remember that spent excess ink brings you a design that perfectly fits your thoughts which your mind had.

It will be a dream come true for you, if you designed a part for one of your machines or if it was a spare part for your vehicle.

You will not have to check it before fitting with the machine if you use the Stereolithography (SLA), model. This model requires to be rinsed after all the layers have been constructed and a proper solvent is needed for that.

That has added some value for this model as a leading 3D printer types. This model requires to be rinsed after all the layers have been constructed and a proper solvent is needed for that. That has added some value for this model as a leading 3D printer types.

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

This is one of the best types of 3d printers model that uses more advanced technology than the other models.

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) was introduced by a student at Texas University, Carl Deckard in the late 1980s.

This technology consumes the laser as the power source which makes this more complicated than other models.

That leads to form more hardened and stringer objects. If you are seeking a printer that allows you to produce professional-level designs, this will go with your thoughts.

These models are being used to produce customized items. It means this model lets you make changes from one good to another with fewer efforts. This will be a save for your time, as usual, a printer requires more time to make adjustments and maintenance steps for the next 3D print. But, this is a real relief to that thought as there are lots of options left you to take for a print.

The material you are hoping to use can be replaced with many options as well. It is mentioned, that you have got a vas range of materials that can be used for these types of printers.

Price was a factor in history and now this model is introduced to the market by many developers and that has made the price to be a lower one than the past. Though there is an advanced technology used in this model, this printer is being modified according to the home conditions as well.

Digital Light Processing (DLP)

This technology was introduced in 1987 by the Texas Instrument. This model has also become a pioneering 3d model of the industry. This is also a great way to do your 3D printing.

DLP is the best type of 3d printers. This method is very similar to stereolithography as it is using the same technology which is used Digital Light Processing (DLP).

You can achieve the printing in an enhanced way when comparing with the stereolithography. This method was introduced in 1987 and it became very popular among people in the Texas region. The light used in this method is varied from stereolithography. That is the only considerable change you can see in the DLP method.

Speed is a factor to thank to DLP

DLP type printers usually use conventional lights which make the ease of the printing. It enables to have quick printing which takes less time than stereolithography printing.

If you have a look at the comparison of the printer with other models, you will see there is less expenditure for this printer than others. Because it takes fewer materials to fill in the object you are going to produce.

So, you can save your time as well as money in the total process. But, you have to be aware that you will have to use lots of your time in the operational process as it requires lots of manual inputs as well as adjustments.

But it’s not modern as well

If you are looking for a modern design which can be bought from the market, this will not be your choice. This model doesn’t allow you to use the latest user-friendly interface neither features. This will represent the old-gold category for the lowest price in the market as a typical 3D printer.

This model is better for the amateurs as any additional light is nor required by this model. Digital Light Processing (DLP) doesn’t require any light and can be used in any conventional lighting mode.

If it is a lamp, it will be used in the printing process. If you are a novice to this 3D printing industry, you are thoroughly advised to get in touch with Digital Light Processing (DLP) model printers as it makes lots of things easier than other models.

Another thing you should know about this printer type is the speed you can have. You will be able to have hardened plastic objects within minutes. If you had something in your mind to have key tags produced in seconds, this will be your stop. After a layer is filled, it will be transferred to the next level and the next layer filling will be commenced by the 3d printer itself.

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

Currently, this technology is the best way to have your dreams come true. Most of the people in the world use this technology to achieve their works. This is a technology way far from entertainment.

Fused deposition modeling (FDM) is used to have ready to use prototypes such as lego, toys, spare parts and anything matches with your desires. With the help of FDM, you can print any type of operational prototypes too.

FDM consists of the latest technology which enables you to expand your business to the next level. You can use many types of filaments to have great kinds of products. As an example, this technology allows you to apply any kind of material to your product.

If you are willing to produce a model in hardened materials like plastic, you will be able to have a model similar to that in a soft material. There are many possibilities for you to apply additives to clear filaments.

If you need to have a polished surface, this model will allow you to have a polished surface after the printing process. You should remember that production-grade thermoplastics can be used in this model only. If you are making a design with CAD, you will have to use FDM technology to take it to the commercial level. FDM model printers build layers from the bottom to top with very advanced technology to give you a solid structured design. Those qualities have raised FDM on the top of the #d printing as well.

Quality is the best while it takes some time

It’s so good to be aware that, FDM has a slower speed when compared with the rest of the designs though it has the latest and the best technology. If you have something in your mind related to the speed, you will have to reconsider to purchase a 3D printer in this model.

Because it takes a considerable amount of time to have the layers built properly. This is nothing to do with the smaller objects as those can be constructed quickly. But, if you are going to create something big, this model will be a failure in the time factor. After the product is constructed, you will be able to apply colors to have a better look.