Of course, it is really possible to make money with a 3D printer. There are plenty of ways to make money with your 3D printer such as making prototypes, models, and photocopy like things.

It is a privilege that the 3D printer is still known as a luxury good at present. Though it has passed a few decades since the invention of the 3D printer, people still believe this 3D printer is something from the future. They have started to believe that 3D printer is something indeed like human photocopy and beyond that.

You know there are no such things ever and you’ve got to figure out things in your way if you want to make money with your 3D printer. Before going to make money with your 3D printer you should roughly have an idea about the sources you have got and the weaknesses you have with the 3D model.

If you are just going to earn money without any knowledge about the things you have or about the things you are going to do, you will definitely face many troubles in the future.  

Making money always has to be a step to earn money with the expenses you are going to make and also that number has to go past the expenses you had to bear with the 3D printer.

Here are some factors you should consider before trying how to make money with a 3d printer.

Find the Best 3D model that suits your business

You are going to make a business and you should remember that at first. If you do not believe in yourself that you can’t achieve anything with the 3D printer, you will not earn anything with your device.

If you are going to start a small business or work you should not spend lots of money on that as you have to keep your business in small scale. Even though you are helping to go in a larger scale, you should re-consider of that thing a lot as this is not just a business but an investment to be made. You need to have a good vision and an idea about the exact thing you are going to do.

If you don’t have any vision or mission, you will face many failures and finally, it will be a loss in most of the ends. Though you are going to start a large scale business, it might not want a huge investment at the very beginning as there are some projects require later investments and it doesn’t mean that you are always going to need an expensive 3D printer. So, decide the best 3D printer model best suited to you.

Follow all other marketing strategies

You should have a marketing mind if you are going to do a business. Though how much knowledge you have or how many things you are capable of. You should be able to see through something and get the full use of it. Even though you are a genius, you will not find any money if you don’t have marketing strategies. If you are thinking of your 3D printer as just a device at your home or at your workplace, that will be a very bad beginning.

You should be able to see things in different ways as well as with a marketing mind. Imagine, there is not any 3D printer in your state, and then you just can do anything with your printer and can be a successful businessman. But in real-world that’s not true, as 3D printing is being popular among people and 3D printers can be even in your next door.

It will happen now or tomorrow. Then you just can’t do anything with your printer as it has become so common in your area. Unless you have a good marketing mind, you will lose both your money and time. As an example, you can demand your printer with the things you have already. If you can start a business with a very rare and uncommon thing,  that will be a good step.

Think all your competitors are working on designing 3D spare parts. Then you can simply start to design ornamental objects that have lots of value. If you have already started the business in the same category, you can start to add several changes and make packages for your own good. It’s really important to keep a time frame for all these work as 3D printers are getting more popular than anything else at present as this is going to be a whole new field. This is a fine way to make money with a 3d printer.

Make all the adjustments

You must identify all your strengths as you are going to make money and find the way to make money with a 3d printer. So it’s always important you to identify your strengths as well as your weaknesses.

If you are looking for a long journey in your business you have to figure out a few things and make some adjustments as well. It’s true that you are going to find some money. But, you will have to bear lots of things at first. Otherwise, anything is not going to be easy.

First, you have to be very flexible with your tasks and then you can do the trick. If you have no idea about the field where you are going to work with 3D printers and 3D objects, you will have to get the knowledge.

You must get the knowledge from zero to 100% to be aware of the business of you as well as for your own good.  It will be so good if you find booklets from 3D printer manufactures and read. As those little things ensure you a good business though how many objections are going through at present?

Make your own goals

Little keys can open big doors. Like this statement, you can set small goals to achieve huge targets. Just imagine, you are going to get your first 3D copy and you are just getting it and that’s all. But, you should celebrate it too as this is a small goal coming true. If you can be satisfied with yourself of being so talented, that will be such a celebration. Motivation is a thing you need to have well before being a successful businessman.

Here are the top ideas for your business. Following these or inspiring these ideas will make your business a proper and a better one.

Create your own eCommerce business

A 3D printer is always a mini-factory in your house. There are thousands of things you can produce with your 3D printer. Though what product you are going to produce, you should be able to have a brief description and the marketing skills to sell it even if it is in the market or to a customer in an overseas country. 

You can create your own website to sell your items online and get an income in larger margin. There are plenty of options for you even though you are running out of options like not having your own website,  lack of basic capital, and lack of basic eCommerce knowledge.

There are lots of website site Alibaba.com, Aliexpress.com, Ebay.com like websites that can sell your items for a fair price.

Your first step would be to produce your item in an effective way with the elegance of your creative skills. Though it’s a spare part, ornamental item, jewellery, or any other thing, you have to follow some learning skills and then do the work most effectively to get continuous orders. After you did these things, you will be able to get an order.

After getting the order you must deliver that package as soon as possible. Because that delivery decides whether you are going to have the next order or not. It’s really important to have a good review. Even after you are well established in the eCommerce field, you have to stay in touch with the latest technology. You can easily keep that going with social media pages and YouTube.

Lease 3D printers

As I have explained previously, this is a whole new field and a fine way how to make money with a 3d printer. There are not lots of 3D printers in the state or the region.  There is a high potential to get people to this field and there are some people who are already working in the field. It’s also an opportunity you have got. 

You are surely well informed about the 3D printers and you might have some kind of knowledge regarding 3D printers. That’s why you are already reading this article. You can use your knowledge and marketing skills to urge people to start their own business with printers.

You might not have enough money already, but you can get some capital from a bank. What I’m trying to say is that you can provide the leasing facilities for the customers. Because a customer has to expend more than $1000 to afford a good printer.  Leasing your money is always an investment you are making for the future. In there, you are all along safe with the capital you are going to invest.

Sell your printed items in your own shop

This is not like ecommerce or online marketing. You should have some space to start your own shop. Then the most important part comes. You must find some category to invest your money as 3D printed objects. Though whatever the category you are looking for, it has to be an interesting one. Here are some categories you can keep with your business.

Make a team of your students

This is also a positive thing you can do with. If you are well aware of the functioning and the theory of the 3D printer, you can start teaching the things you have learnt. If you are lack of knowledge, there will be plenty of sources you can new things.

Nerf Gun Accessories

There are lots of toys in the market used as guns. If you are hoping to produce nerf guns that will be a bit harsh call. But, if you are going to engage in accessories, that will be a good call at all. Because you might already know that 3D printing is somewhat cheaper than producing items in larger scales.

Just imagine, there is a toy seller in far who produces toys and his price for toys is really high. Because, he needs a high profit, charges for the transport, his employees, machinery, and there are lots of things he needs to be looking.  If you try to do this, you will have to expend money for the materials and the 3D printer costs only. This is such a way to surf in the way of  how to make money with a 3d printer

Customized Shoes (Flip Flops)

There is a potential for the shoes in the market for sure. There are lots of people who like to wear shoes. Someone may ask, who do you think of going to wear flip-flops? To be honest, there are lots of people in a community that are willing to wear these type of shoes.

What they are looking for is something different. It’s true that there are some materials that can be called not flexible. But, you have the freedom to use some materials which are really flexible.

You may use a filament-like TPU filament which you can have smooth edges and soft material content. There is always room to make your own experiments and the changes to the design you are producing. You have the full freedom to go with the most demanded footwear designs as well as the latest models.

Service to the architects

There is the potential to design architectural designs for the people who are already employed in that field. There might be hundreds of people who are willing to design their own structures from you. You may start this as an eCommerce business as well as a service provider. In both ways, you will get a huge income for sure. Because at present there is a huge price to be designed those structures as it is always needed to design each part of the designs in small units and it’s a process that takes lots of time as well.

You can publish your business as a service that provides not only structures but also landscaping ideas. In this concept, your customer is able to design hundreds of templates for his business and it will be beneficial for both of you and explain to others the way of how to make money with a 3d printer.