There are several factors to be considered before answering the question of how to choose a 3d printer. Before selecting anything like a good to buy, you have to consider many factors. This is not related to anything you purchase, but everything you need to keep by your side.

There are millions of things you need to use from birth to death. Each one consists of many reasons to be used. Even though you are taking many advantages from a good, you have to adjust its needs and the uses with the other factors as there may be many better goods and services than that.

There are some common factors usually a person has to compare before selecting a good or a brand to use. That comparison varies according to the situation as well as the purpose you are going to use that item. Duration of the use, price, gender, likes, options, and there are many factors you will have to decide later. It’s always better to decide if you need that item. If it is necessary to buy, you will have to move onto the other questions that have been mentioned earlier in this text. 

There are some categories, even in a market, if you are looking for an item in a common type. As an example, imagine you are going to buy toothpaste. There are several categories and labelled kinds of toothpaste that have been segregated into different categories. Weight, ingredients, and the purpose you are going to buy the toothpaste. There are kinds of toothpaste with fluoride and without fluorides.

If there are so many categories for a simple good in the market, just imagine how many things you will have to concern when selecting a printer. Especially we are talking about a 3D printer on this topic. 

Factors you have to focus when buying a 3D printer

There are many factors you will have to be focusing on when selecting a printer. If you have a premeditated list of questions before the purchasing process, it will be a lot easier for you to make the selection.

As it may save both your time and the money. Just forget the time factor. You will have to spend thousands of dollars to buy an excellent 3D printer on the market. If you buy a wrong printer that varies from the idea in your mind, that will cost you lots of money in a thousand. In the wrong decision making, what you get is only frustration and disappointment. So read these instructions, and they will assist you in choosing a 3D printer for your purpose.

What you want to do with the 3D printer

Here are thousands of works people are doing with the printers. Though they are inkjet or dot-matrix printers, people are using them for their daily work. We are talking about 3D printers and the extended version of the printer.

If you are answering yourself how to choose a 3d printer for the right purpose, there will be millions of works to be done using a 3D printer as this is the early history of the 3D printer.

Even though it has passed almost three decades from the invention of the 3D printer, people are still struggling with the things that can be done using a 3D printer. It is not because of the lowness of the options people have got, but there are billions of things yet to be found out that can be done with a 3D printer.

The 3D printer has come to the market is a very recent time. So, people still need to think of the need to be recovered using this amazing product.

Therefore it’s really important to have an idea of what you are going to do with a 3D printer. Even though you are going to use it as a marketing tool or an entertainment purposes, there are specified models as well as if you are going to produce items on a larger scale, there are options too.

The budget you expect to expend for the 3D printer

There are printers in many budgets as well as many purposes as well, like ultimaker s5 , Formlabs Form 3, Markforged Mark Two, HP Jet Fusion 3D 4200, EOS Formiga P110, BigRep Studio G2, Makerbot Replicator Plus, Original Prusa i3 MK3S.

The budget doesn’t always mean the amount of money you are going to pay for the 3D printer. It means the income from the particular item you are going to earn too.

There always has to be an idea about those transactions. If you are going to demonstrate a 3D printer, it won’t be worth to spend thousands of dollars on that thing. You should purchase a 3D printer for the lowest price. Because you can buy a 3D printer for $50 from the market.

Some customers are willing to get the experience of the latest items in the market. They do not expend thousands of bucks unless they earn in thousands. If you are looking for a business, that will be ok to buy a good printer from the market at a higher price. Increased price always doesn’t mean that you should expend lots of money.

But, it always has to spend some extra money to have a good quality product from the market. The design or the product you choose should contain the basic qualities and the possibility to give you a good outcome.

Even though it is bought to earn money or only for joy, you should have good management. You cannot get a good income with thousands of 3D copies from a low-quality 3D printer as well as you are not able to have fun from a 3D printer, which can be bought for $3000, and that will be a loss of how to choose a 3d printer step.

Materials you expect to use for the printer

There are lots of materials you can use as the printing material. There are fundamental materials like plastic and wood. You should have a pre-determined picture of the materials you are going to use. Because that can be used to save your money.

In an example, you can design a flip flop from a very expensive 3D printing materials s well as from very cheap material. But, if you are going to paint it after the printing process, there will be no need to have a colored material for the printer.

That example can be viewed in another dimension like this. Think that you are going to create a shoe model, and it is going to be done using a soft material to print. The value it is going to get in the market is very low due to the material.

You always have to have a good understanding of the material you are going to use. The material a 3D printer can use is varied from brand to brand as the options differ with the brand and the type of the printer. So it’s always best to keep in mind the printing material you are going to use before finding how to choose a 3d printer. If you keep your eye on how to choose a 3d printer, you will be able to save lots of money in the future as an owner of a 3D printer.

Brand of the 3D printer you are going to choose

It’s not so much important regarding the selection of the brand as it has not taken so many years since this 3D printer has been in the market. Usually, it takes years to establish a company in the market. But, as you can see, there are lots of manufacturers and designers in the market. This is not the old times market, and everything has been digitalized.

There are many ways to buy items, and online ordering is such away. There were not lots of opportunities to send feedback in the purchasing process. Unlike those years, at present, you can send feedback in stars. It will be so nice to see the feedbacks or the reviews before you decide how to choose a 3d printer. Some reputed companies are looking forward to stepping into the 3D printer designing. Then it will be a walk in the park to purchase a 3D printer.

Knowledge of the 3D printing

This is an essential point in 3D printing. In the past, there has been a probation period for every good in the market. It means that you need to have proper knowledge about the item you are going to use. Television had been so complex in the earliest times when it first came to the market. It had required some sort of knowledge to operate a television at that time. Not only the television, but there are also still some household devices that require special knowledge.

A computer is such a device that required specialized knowledge to operate. There are two majors related to the computer as hardware and software. The computer is not the only thing you have to know when operating. There are other devices like washing machines, smart television, microwave oven, and even your smartphone. We can’t assume that this is still the probation period for the 3D printer as it has passed some lengthy period. 

Learning the method to operate a 3D printer is not like rocket science but not as easy as a walk in the park. You have to learn the ways to operate every part of a 3D printer. A 3D printer is a machine that consists of complicated parts according to a very simple theory.

If you can understand the simple theory behind the 3D printer, you will be able to focus on the complicated parts of the 3D printer. Not only the operation of the 3D printer but also you should be well aware of the ways to maintain the printer properly to get a 3D print. Because it’s the basic thing to be done using a 3d printer. Modifications are also needed to be done with a 3D printer in a frequent sequence. Because a 3d printer is always busy with the wearing and tearing parts in it. You should be able to do the necessary maintenance as well.

3D printers are devices that required many manual inputs. Because a 3d printer is always needed to adjust its dimensions. If you are going to change the dimensions of a 3D printer, you will have to modify the settings or the parts manually.

Sometimes you will have to re-set the settings manually a hundred times if you are going to get 100 3D prints. So it’s always convenient for you to have basic learning about the 3D printer you are going to purchase. If you are looking at how to choose a 3d printer, it will be so good if you have a 3D printer along with a well-described leaflet or a manual at least. You might wait at least a decade to see a proper 3D printer with a good user interface, as well.


3D printing is a whole new thing to the world. Not just 3D printing, a 3D printer is a whole new thing to everyone. There may be several mistakes made by the user. Those things are not rare and intentional with any newly introduced devices and equipment.

Those mistakes should be replaced with good ones as there has to be something called a warranty.

You should be able to get a warranty along with the 3D printer, which allows you to replace your 3D printer or parts with new ones. If you ever have to pay some extra money to get a warranty, it will be a good move if you say yes. Because, as previously mentioned, there are lots of possibilities that you can make mistakes with the 3D printer.

If you don’t have a warranty, you will have to make payments every time you are making a mistake.

If there is no way you can have a warranty even though you are ready to make the pay extra money, you should not buy that printer at anyway. Because, if they can’t assure you about the product they sell, there will be no way you can trust that 3D printer either.

There are cheap designs in the market not only for 3D printers but for any item to be sold. It is better you understand such brands and being avoided. Warranty is an important factor in how to choose a 3d printer. 

After Service

There has to be a good after service for the 3D printer as it is a household item. It is not a movable item, just like a laptop or a smartphone. You always have to keep the after services by your side to learn the things quite well.

If you need them to visit you, that should be done too as it takes quite some time as well. When you are ready to make the purchasing, you’d better have a word about the after service of the company or the brand. If they refuse such things with many reasons up ahead, you will have to look for a 3D printing brand. 

These small steps will lead you to have a rough idea of what to look for in a 3D printer and save your future losses related to the 3D printer.