3D modelling has been as crucial as getting 3D printings all the time. Even if you have a 3D printer, you must have a proper source to get the 3D models.

This is when you are going to need a 3D modelling software. This software is not an uncommon thing at present.

Although you may find several software that can have better 3D modelling, you will find Fusion 360 and SolidWorks have the title as the best in the 3D printing industry.

This article will roam around all the facts you need to know of these CAD-related 3D modelling software.

Is CAD The Basics You Need To Have?

Even if you have a collection of 3D models to be printed, you might want to make the necessary adjustments to those files, because, one’s mind doesn’t always suit you.

Although it is the best 3D model in the world, you will need to add your things to that design. If you are a skilled person in CAD, you will be able to earn money as well as make your designs to be printed.

When it comes to the most excellent phase of 3D modelling, you will be able to design elegant 3D models with few steps.

What is CAD and Polygonal Modeling?

CAD (Computer-Aided Design) is the ultimate package that allows you to design millions of 3D models.

It will enable you to edit the data. It is also considered as a language that 3D printers can read.

Whatever you design, your 3D printer will read. The most important thing you need to remember is that 3D printers are not the only thing that can read the data of the CAD file. CAD came into the process well before the 3D printers.

The latest tools design the latest movies, but you might not know that there were some other CAD packages in the past that used to create some of the biggest hits in the entertainment sector.

However, they are not the same when compared to 3D modelling.

Entertainment based CAD programs are not focusing on the layer filling and solid filling.

They are identified as Polygonal Modeling as well. What they focus are the speed and the quality of the visual effects.

A 3D model created using CAD has to retain every detail of the object which is going to be produced using the 3D printer. Type of the filament, the resolution, build volume, and many other additional factors matter when implementing the final stage, the building.

How CAD works?

It is not an easy thing to create a 3d model of a particular and imaginary product.

First, it has to be drawn as a sketch. Then it can be modified using the CAD.

NURBS, (Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines) are used to define the details of the particular object. The CAD modelling will require necessary data such as side view, front view, back view, and the profile. These data then is transferred as NURBS sources. It is not as simple as it is said.

The data can be considered as vector data which has stored every detail of the printing object. It even has the resolution, smoothness, layer filling, hard spots, and the required material.

It will be more convenient if you think of it as a JPEG file which stores the necessary data to be printed.

Recent CAD Programs

Solidworks and Fusion 360 are not the only program packages that are available in the market.

You will be able to find several products with the same aspects and the modified features.

Siemens NX and PTC Creo are two of the most revolutionized products in the field. However, when compared to the Solidworks and Fusion 360, they still haven’t earned a name in the industry yet.

Besides, Solidworks and Fusion 360 have got a higher reputation in the industry than other products.

Fusion 360 vs Solidworks

Fusion 360

Although it is a later version that has been in the last decade, there have many positive factors regarding the program. When compared to Solidworks, Fusion 360 has got the most significant number of users worldwide.

Autodesk is a relevant company that has the copyrights of this fantastic product. Although the very first version was released in 2013, they had to spend a couple of years to find the best solution for their customers.

At present they have introduced the Fusion 360 to both Windows and Mac users. That is the very first recognizable progress they had achieved in the industry.

Fusion 360 is not only a product that can enable 3d modelling, but it allows the customers to go through their design until the manufacturing.

Fusion 360 has got many platforms inside the main program. Although the Solidworks can mainly focus on Cad, Fusion 360 will let their customers have experience using CAM and CAE.

The entire line of services given by the program can be divided into main categories such as 3D design and modelling, simulation, generating models, documenting, collaborating, and manufacturing.

When compared to other leading 3D modelling software, this is the best software among them. When it comes to 3D modelling, you will be allowed to have both parametric and geometric-based approaches which ensure a perfect design in the end.

As a 3d modelling program, Fusion 360 has enabled many features for their customers, such as cloud simulation, event simulation, shape optimization, and modal frequency. These things will surely take you to your final goal, creating a unique and error-free design.

Speed is one of the most important things involved in the world. When it comes to creativity, you will have to consume time to think for sure. But, if you are going to make it real, you will need some unique tool to achieve that.

Most importantly, Fusion 360 has got generative design features which let you have a tremendous time-to-reality ratio.

They will take out the idea on your mind pretty quickly. Soon after the finalization of the 3D modelling was completed, you will be able to edit the geometry of the design you have created. The ultimate design will have stick to your objectives, goals, and the plans to be implemented with the Fusion 360.

Another essential thing about Fusion 360 is the availability of a feature called Documentation.

It allows you to take up a 3D modelling using a sketch you have. Also, it will let you make the adjustments as well.

That can increase the accuracy of the final 3d model you are dreaming of creating.

You might remember that Solidworks had the same feature. Although it has not passed a few years from the first step, Fusion 360 has been able to find the most elegant feature of the seniors in the field.

The designers have made the necessary adjustment to introduce a tool to view the 3D models from a single dashboard.

That will be useful for people who are working on official purposes in the international market. Time zones, country barriers and none of the similar things will not be an essential matter.


It is considered as one of the earliest Cad software that has aided millions of projects. It is also one of the latest software with many advanced features.

People use this software for many purposes, including 3D modelling. Although many early versions can be seen regarding Solidworks, the first internationally recognized version was released in 1993.

John Hirschick was the person who pioneered to make this a reality. He was also an MIT graduate who earned the initial investment to establish the corporation.

Although the commencing placement was $1 Milio, the corporation was purchased by Dassault Systèmes who own similar products.

The price the Dassault Systèmes had to pay was $310. After the purchasing of the Solidworks, Dassault Systèmes has been able to release 27 versions of the Solidworks program.

People all around the world have been searching for and buying these versions for their modern work. Another impressive thing with this program is that it only supports Microsoft Windows as the operating system. It has been a restriction for those who use Apple platforms as the operating system.

Designing is not essential for 3D modeling but any process. When it comes to 3D printing, the 3D modeling has owned a crucial role in the whole process.

You need to know that a 3d model has to have a decent picture of what you are going to produce.

To do that so, you are going to like a program that allows you to draw and demonstrate the 3D model. If it is a 2D model, you will not need so many efforts.

When it is a 3D model, you need to do thousands of works. But, thanks to solid work, you will be able to design and simulate the solid 3D models of the particular product. It is convenient and straightforward.

You can make sure that you have not skipped any details with this program. Even if you have already missed a crucial aspect, you will not have to wait until the final product is being created.

Solidworks have got a specially designed feature known as a parametric feature-based function which lets their customers develop a 3D image of a 2D sketch.

Thanks to that feature, the Cad will identify the geometry or shape of the object. The most crucial thing about this feature is that you are allowed to make necessary adjustments.

For example, if you want to add a hole through the object, you will be able to do that pretty quickly. One of the most appraised tools this program has is the AR & VR visualization which is used to visualize the object you have designed.

It helps the designer to see the purpose as a mock-up or an animation. As a 3D modelling generator, the Solidworks will perform as the best way to introduce your 3d models to the world.  

Is it only for 3D modelling?

Of course not. This program is being used all across the world in many fields.

Engineers can demonstrate a bridge they hope to build, automobiles can be made on display thanks to Fusion 360, and there are some other applications of Fusion 360 in the medical field as well.

For example, surgeons can demonstrate an organ using this program. Although there are not many so much applications, the developers will introduce such things shortly.

Direct Comparison of Solidworks and Fusion 360

Although these two are working hard on the head-to-head challenge, still, we can see some gaps between these two. Those things will go easy when making the purchase. Here are few of those slight differences.


When it comes to assembly, you will have to make single parts and then attach to the final results if you work with Solidworks.

It means that you need to be working on small sections at first. But, Fusion 360 has enabled to work in the final project and apply changes to the small pieces at once.

So, the assembly has been comfortable with Fusion 360.

Analysis and Simulation

Solidworks has been an exceptional choice for professionals over a few decades. It allows the users to have a variety of simulations and report on the particular design.

But, Fusion 360 has been the one for beginners. They have introduced a secure platform to do the simulations and analysis on a simple basis.

It means that you don’t need to be an expert on the field to work on a design. So, there is not a winner in this part as each one has found a separate audience in the business.

Interface And The Graphics

The interface of the Solidworks is not as simple as the alphabet. It would help if you had a thorough knowledge regarding the field.

If you are a professional, you will have millions of customizations. For example, it includes a mesh modelling which can take you an extra mile with 3D modelling.

Unlike the Solidworks, Fusion 360 has not got so many complicated things. All the features and the tools are to serve your need.

The user-friendly interface doesn’t contain with an interface of 1980s dos sheet. The colors and the graphics are pretty impressive when compared to Solidworks.

Licence and the Subscription

As a professional tool, Solidworks demand having both license and the subscription to keep working. Although you are a professional, you will have to bear an extra payment to enjoy the program.

But, Fusion 360 only asks for the subscription, which means you can enjoy the entire product with the subscription.


When it comes to the collaboration part, Solidworks has got a 3D platform to see the results. It is a pretty impressive way to see the 3D model you are going to create. As a professional in the industry, they have proven that they are capable of many things.

What Fusion 360 has used for collaboration is a cloud-based platform. Although there are many differences between these two options, there is enough audience for these two.

Final Thoughts

It is essential to consider your requirements before going for the purchase. Because Solidworks and Fusion 360 promise different features in a range of prices. Also, you will have to purchase extra features for some other tasks in these two programs.

However, it will be essential to remember as you have already read in this article, Solidworks is for professionals. It is a thing for companies and relevant personals.

Even if you are an individual who works as a professional, this will be the one for you. For example, if you are hoping for a 3D Model for a business level 3d printer, Solidworks will be the best thing as the software.

Unlike Solidworks, Fusion 360 is the best one for beginners. Although you are a much-experienced person, you can use this program for having an attractive interface.

With the intense color and graphics, you will be impressed by the Fusion 360 in an instant. As it only asks for the subscription, you will please with the price you have to pay.