If you are looking at something new and usable as an entertaining device that has mixed with the latest technology, flashforge 3d printer will have to be one of your best choices. Though there are lots of printers at the market at different prices, this will be your best choice when comparing with the finishing, manufacturing, ease of setup, and the price.

This is a good product that matches either for your classroom or you when considering all the features it has got.

It is rare to own a 3D printer for a reliable price with a huge range of options. Because of the user-friendly interface, this is much better for the beginners, starters, and novice learners to study about this great device.

The initial design comes with a compact, unexposed, and a plastic body which is pleasant to see. The design manufacturing company has been delivering other electronic devices and has earned a reputation among the users for a long time.

So, you can own the brand name along with the 3d printer you are going to purchase.

Here are some of the best features that a 3d printer wishes to see from a 3d printer and some of the unfavorable characters as well.

Build volume

Build volume is in its average stats as you cannot use this printer to build huge objects. The most impressive thing and the least important thing is the build volume.

The printer is a cute one and it doesn’t allow you to expect to build huge objects. But, as a beginner, you will be able to do some impressive things using the printer.

The maximum build volume for the printer is 5.5″ x 5.5″ x 5.5″ and it is quite a nice volume when compared with the other 3d printers that can be bought from the market. But, you should remember that this volume is not a good one if you are going to build somewhat larger objects.

Build Platform

The build platform is made of glass and it is not connected with the heat bed. The bed cleaning of this device is quite easy when comparing with other devices. Both ABS and PLA filaments can be used without the heat bed. Automatic bed leveling is an added feature for this design and it can save your time as well.

Filaments that can be used

The 3d printer is limited with the PLA filaments and that is a huge disadvantage for the product as well. But, you will be able to use lots of finely tuned colors to build your object using this printer. It has a spool of 1.75mm spool that can be fitted to the plastic cartridge easily and that is a feature that has been introduced to save your time.

The cartridge allows you to sense if the filament is running out and lets you know when to replace the existing cartridge as well. That is another feature that has been added as an advantage.

If you decide to purchase this 3d printer, you will have to make sure if the right cartridge or filament is selected for your tasks. Though you can select the other types that will have to be done at your own risk. The filaments can be used for a price of $13 from the manufacturer and that is a lot cheaper than the filaments that can be purchased from the other manufacturers.

The flash forge finder 3d printer review will describe more on this point a bit ahead. 


The extruder is a single one and that has to be expected due to the price range that the 3D printer belongs to.

If you are worried about the colors, you will have to use different colors without changing the printer. If you are looking for a dual extruder type printer, you will have to go for another option.


The nozzle size of the flash forge 3D printer is 4mm and you can print 100-500 Micron objects using this printer. The positioning stats of the 3D printer is 11 microns in the X, Y directions and 2.5microns in the Z direction. That is a pretty comfortable measurement for your tasks as well.

Operating System

Another thing to know as a positive is the ability to work with any kind of desktop operating systems. This flash forge finder 3D printer review can reveal that the device can work with Windows OS, MAC OS, and the Linux OS.

You will be really comfortable with operating your 3d printer with all the operating systems at present if you choose the flash forge finder 3d printer for your work. In this flash forge finder 3d printer review, this is one of the coolest things that can be seen.

Control Software

You will have to use the Flashpoint as the slicing software or the firmware for the 3D printer. This is a user-friendly software that has come with many options. 3D max, MAYA or other software can also be used to operate the device. Whatever you use, you can have the navigated with the Flashforge Finder 3D printer you have.

Another thing you need to know when using this device is that it supports only .stl and .obj file formats. That will be nothing to worry as most of the printers use these 02 file formats.


Unlike other 3D printers, this Flashforge 3D printer comes with pretty cool connectivity. It can be connected with SD card, USB cable, or you have the ability to use a USB stick to get your object built. That is a pretty amazing feature for an item that can be seen for a novice type 3d printer.


The Flashforge 3D printer has been introduced with less endurance for the temperature and that temperature is 240C. That value is enough to manage your printing needs without troubling the printing machine a lot. It can move at a speed of movement at 40 to 200 mm/s and you are recommended to use the slower speed to maximize your printing quality by the manufacturer. 

Power requirements

It has been recommended the power supply as 115V ~ 230 V, 50 Hz ~ 60 Hz, 100 and you can use 110V power supply as well. You are provided a fine power code to improve the quality of your work by the Flashforge.

That can maximize both quality and ease of use. If you are a resident of the United States, you will get a US power code that matches with the region. You will not have to worry about the power requirements at all. If you have power, that will be the only thing that needs to wake this flash forge device.


This is a somewhat noisy machine that has 70dB noise range. But, you will not have to expect the noise of a machine that produces items for the market. Noise is one of the best disadvantages that can be seen in this flash forge finder 3d printer review.

Technical Specifications

  • Printing Area Printing Area
  • Layer Resolution 100 to 500 Microns
  • Supported Filament PLA
  • Filament Diameter 1.75mm
  • Extruders 1
  • Extruder Diameter 0.4 mm


As a beginner, you will get a filament and that will let you have the purchased machine on the use just after it was purchased.

You also get the USB cable, power cable, and a stick that contains the software that has to be installed on the Flashforge 3D printer. That stick contains the digital copy of the user guide that is required to handle the 3d printer.

That will be an advantage that has been provided for you as there is not much as a complicated machine, but enough to understand to get a proper 3D print using the printer.

Ratings and reviews

As this item can be purchased online from the Amazon.com, you will be able to see the reviews and the ratings for this printer.

There are almost 80% positive ratings for this printer and the users have stated the ease of use and the small build volume as positives to handle the 3d printer well.

They have also mentioned the values of the features that can be seen from a 3D printer that is available in the market for just below $500.


The Flashforge 3D printer can be purchased from the market and online for less than $500. It is not in the expensive range nor the cheapest margin as well. You will find this Flashforge 3d printer as one of the best selections for the price you pay. If you buy this printer from an authorized dealer, you will get the warranty and the services from the manufacturer. There is nothing to think about the safety and the trust as the manufacturer is a world-class one. Price is a positive thing in this flash forge finder 3d printer review.


  • Easy design with amazingly fabulous shape
  • Easy to handle for the novice users
  • Quality touch screen
  • Reliability
  • Good print outs


  • Small build volume
  • The bed is not heated and can cause warping sometimes
  • Not leveling the bed automatically
  • PLA filaments only


The Flashforge 3D printer is a great one with the features that can be purchased from the market. The most common disadvantage for the Flashforge 3D printer, small build volume can also be taken as an advantage as well. It is easy to transport from one place to another. All other things come as positives and the printer is worthy of the price you have to pay.