Though there are lots of 3D printers in the market at present, each and every printer consists of significant qualities as well as features. If you don’t have an idea about the 3D printer, that will be a disadvantage when buying a 3d printer for your use. Creality cr-10 3d printer is a nice and affordable type 3d printer with such qualities and here is the Creality cr-10 review.

Creality cr-10 3d printer was introduced to the market in 2017. There were some of the best qualities that a 3D printer has and it became one of the best 3D printers to the price you have to pay. The largest build volume, Cartesian model, separate control box-like features made this 3d printer a unique one in the field.

Creality cr-10 3d printer is sold by the Chinese company, Gearbest.

The print area for the printer is 300 X 300 X 400mm. If you have an idea about the build are, you will be able to understand how good this is. Though it is a Chinese company that does manufacturing, you will not have to bother about that as the company is a well-known company around the world.

When talking about the latest trends, many companies are trying to produce their latest 3D printers inspiring this. Creality cr-10 3d printer model because of its impressive design. If the volume is a matter of the limitation of the print, the manufacturer has probably done the right thing creating this 3d printer with a larger build volume.

The Creality cr-10 3d printer

The manufacturer of the Creality cr-10 3d printer is Shenzhen Creality 3D technology, which has owned a name in the hearts of 3D printer users. It is a transparent producer in the field that has never got a mud patch on its name. So, you will not have to worry about the manufacturer at all. Though the Creality cr-10 3d printer was introduced to the market in 2016, it became more popular among the people in 2017 because of the high competition of the 3D printer manufacturers.

This design was developed from the cr-7 version and it has got a huge improvement from its previous versions. Adding a full-frame, improvement of the software, more reliability of the hardware, high build volume, and there are lots of things that have evolved from the previous and the earliest versions.

The integration of the control box is another change added by the developers. It is a nice example to state that having plenty of duplicate designs in the market as well as online selling top mention the popularity this Creality cr-10 3d printer has owned.


The Creality cr-10 3d printer has been designed on an appealing look that has got a very smooth finish in the end.

The body has been built using black coated aluminum rails in most of the parts.

The control box which is made separately with the filament holder. That has added a simple look as well.

Unlike the slender body parts it has got, Creality cr-10 3d printer is a giant when considering the build volume. It is not always about the huge build volume but space it has got to place its components. Though it is a huge printer, you will have to consider more and more factors to conclude your thoughts.

The placement of the Creality cr-10 3d printer is not going to be an easy one as it requires a bit high volume of space that is one negative thing that has to be revealed in this Creality cr-10 review. You will have to reserve some space for the printer. The smallest family member of Creality cr-10 3d printer is taller than an average-sized 3D printer.

If you can make some adjustments, you will be able to reduce the space the Creality cr-10 3d printer requires. As an example, you can move the filament holder off the control box and place it in a more spacious place. Then you can place the control box near the frame. When talking about the frame, it is a stronger one when comparing with the other models. The frame has been designed to ease future modifications to be made.


The huge build volume is an advantage in the features section you can see.

Unlike other low budget 3D printers, you will be able to get the prints of higher resolution blueprints as the 300 X 300 x 400mm is a really big value. All the members of these kinds of printers manufactured by the same manufacturer are known for the higher build volume.

Though there are different build volumes, you will see the difference between all these 3D printers, is the bed size. The nozzle size of the Creality cr-10 3d printer is 0.4mm and it has got all the things needed to submit you a perfect printed design.

The maximum resolution you can have is the 100 microns and that’s really a fine value to get the full use of the 3D printer.

The company has assured that the board is favorable for the home uses as well as industrial uses. It can be taken for a continuous 200 hour lasting processes as well. So, you will not have to think twice if you intend to find a 3D printer for your own business. Also, Creality cr-10 3d printer review can assure you the words of the company as it is a trusted one in the field as well.

The Creality cr-10 3d printer has got a mechanism to spread the heat all around and that can be seen as an obvious advantage as well. There was not any encounter occurred during the process as well.

The connectivity can be obtained using the SD card as well as USB cable as well. That’s really a cool thing that can happen regarding connectivity. It helps you to navigate your print-ready files with few steps.

The LCD screen was such an impressive thing found at the Creality cr-10 review and it is really comfortable for the eyes. The control wheel didn’t take much time to operate and you will be able to do your navigation work pretty easily. The volts required to power up this device can range from 110 and 220 volts. That cool step can save the Creality cr-10 3D printer even at the international level.


  • The standard print volume has been introduced with slight few changes from the previous versions
  • Assembly is easy.
  • Simple design with quite a few movable parts which are easy to handle
  • Large prints are not far
  • The glass on the print bed can easily be removed
  • Stripes are very easy to handle
  • Budget is not impossible
  • The control box is innovative
  • The LCD screen is a perfect instrument


  • Extruder placement has been a bit weird
  • Filament holder looks bit tangling
  • Print preparation may take some time than rational
  • Heat time for the bed is a bit longer than other 3D printers
  • There are some materials that don’t work-friendly with the 3D printer


This printer is a really good one for large scale prints as well as large scale businesses as well. If you are looking for a thing for your home from the same manufacturer, the mini model will have to be your choice.

Finding different materials that are not recommended, will almost cost you money as they can cause hardware losses in the end. Some materials were tested in the Creality cr-10 review and few of the filaments didn’t work well this 3d printer. ABS was such a filament that it didn’t work. If you are intending to go for a huge variation in the printing process, this fact will have to be reconsidered for sure. The average price for this printer is $400 and that’s really a fair price for a printer that has a larger build volume.