The Cetus 3D Printer has been the expectation of lots of people for their projects since a long time ago.

If you have a look at the reviews of people who have purchased this printer, you will be able to understand the good attitude people bear regarding the printer.

This printer is not only capable of powering your expectations but also allowing you to ensure you reach your dreams whatever the measures they have.

The Cetus 3D Printer is not the cheapest product in the market. But, it can be bought for a price of $400 from the market. It is a price worth paying some money.

If you have a look at the additional features expect from a printer, print area, high hardware compatibility, less maintenance cost, print speed, and user-friendly interface, you will understand that this printer is way beyond those requirements.

There are lots of printers in the world matching these requirements. But, if you consider all these factors at once, The Cetus 3D Printer will be a perfect design for you to buy for a price of around $400.

Here are some features as well as review points regarding The Cetus 3D Printer.

Working with the 3D printer

It is said not by just customers, but many users that The Cetus 3D Printer is a great one to use with the ease of use.

There are lots of features available in a 3D printer and all those things together make a complicated device that requires lots of attention to work with. But, this model doesn’t require a lot of skills or knowledge about the 3D printer as it has got a user-friendly interface as well as hardware.

You don’t have to spend too much time to understand the device when compared with the other devices. Though The Cetus 3D Printer is built similar to the other 3D printers in the market, it is a simply built design among them all.

Build Quality

All the parts of The Cetus 3D Printer are from well-recognized manufacturers. So, there is nothing to worry about the hardware.

This 3D printer has long durability with the performance as well as speed. The build quality is a measurement that has to be considered as a relative thing.

The Cetus 3D Printer has got the best-built quality when comparing with the printers available in the market for just $400.


This is not the best printer in the market. Therefore, you have to expect fewer features than the other models available in the market.

But, it can be mentioned that the manufacturer could have done something better than what they have done already. Because you have happened to pay more than $400 to have this product as your own. It is a considerably high amount when having compared with the devices you can purchase for $20.

If you want a star rating for features, you will get 4 stars out of 5 for The Cetus 3D Printer.


The price of a device is relative to many constants. Economy, features, prices of other devices, and there are lots of things you need to consider well before comparing the price of the device.

You can buy The Cetus 3D Printer for $400 from the market or online. If you compare the price, you will see that there are printers available in the marker varied from $40 to $300. So, this is an average price 3D printer.

Then you should think about the features, durability, maintenance, and the compatible for the removable hardware.

So, as the final rating in stars, The Cetus 3D Printer is a well-built design for all of them. It’s worth paying $400 to own this printer after considering all other factors.


The Cetus 3D Printer is not the best printer in the market at present.  But, it has got a bearable price, good hardware combination, easy to work with, and some features that you can be impressed with.  In the total stars, it can be rated as 4.8 stars out of 5.


Resolution is 50 Microns and it is a higher volume for a printer in $400. The dimensions for the 3D printer are 260x260x280mm and they are well enough to build a large object in the printing process.

The entire platform is built on a 3mm thick Aluminum and you can expect this device to bear mechanical shocks as well. Most of the advanced 3D printers use Aluminum as their platform material.

The filament required by the printer is 1.75mm. Some of the people who own 3D printers are struggling to find compatible hardware for their printers. The filament type required by the printer is not a rare one and it can be bought for a reasonable price as well. The Cetus 3D printer can use PLA/ABS/PETG as the materials and you will be able to build lots of devices in the printer.

Though you need to build fragile, glass, hard plastic, or metal solid productions, this 3D printer will help you do it.

The weight of the Cetus 3D printer holds is 7LBS and it’s a perfect weight if you expect to use the printer as a movable printer. The most significant feature for the Cetus 3D printer is the ability to connect with either USB or WiFi.

Parts of the printer

The Cetues3D printer comes as a combination of hardware that helps you getting 3D printouts. Those parts consist of variable nozzles, spare parts, and PLA filament.

As a list, they can be mentioned as 3D Printer Unit, Extruder Assembly, Power Supply, Aluminum Build Plate, Nozzles (0.2mm, 0.4mm, 0.6mm), Filament Spool Holder, Nozzle Needle, USB Cable, Putty Knife, Nozzle Wrench, Hex Wrenches, Nipper, and 50G PLA Filament Packs.

The manufacturer recommends keeping a proper understanding to keep the maintenance cost under a low status.

The software of the Cetus 3D printer

The software inside the Cetus 3D printer is in the best standard. It must be acting as the relative between the 3D printer and the user.

There are lots of good qualities in the software. The home menu allows you to gain access to your account profile, printer management, and a self-contained model library.

You will be able to see lots of options under the printing menu. You will be able to customize the object like the way you want. The options mean hardware like always.

There are options like initialize or calibrate the machine, enter maintenance mode or start printing in the printing menu.

The calibrating option is an essential one to reset the axes of the 3D printer after an object was printed. You can import any model from the library and you can either create one or download one from a website as well.

The manufacturer of Cetus3D has been working hard to provide the best with the customers’ feedback. We can see there are lots of steps had been taken by the manufacturer because of the customers’ feedback.

Photo to lithophane is such an import option you can use in the Cetus 3D printer.  It allows you to have a 3D print using 2D pictures. After providing the 2D image, the printer converts it into a 3D image and you can get it printed right away.

The Fix Errors option will recover the errors and mistakes on your 3D model and it allows you to repair the as soon as possible.

It is the best option for broken models as well. Also, there is an option called Blackout Recovery. It allows you in a power disconnect. Either there was a power failure or, a power disconnect in any other way, you are allowed to continue your work without any barrier. This option is the best thing at present we can see in the latest 3D printers. This is also the best example to see in The Cetus 3d printer.

However, the best option presented by the manufacturer is the cloud-based smartphone app that lets you know any data of the 3D printer. There are lots of benefits to the app.

You can get the readings from the Cetus 3D printer on an occasion when you just can’t stand by the 3D printer. The cloud-based smartphone app allows you to have detailed information about the printer when something is being printed.

Build Quality

If you intend to use The Cetus3D printer as a device for your business, you are recommended to use the printer for minimalist designs. Because it is the perfect thing you can do using the 3D printer.

However, if you are capable of painting stylishly, you will be able to have great use with the printer.

There are lots of designs recommended by the manufacturer. There are skulls, animal fossils, shoes, phone covers, and many more in the list that can be printed using the Cetus3D printer.

The durability of the objects printed by you varies according to the filament you use. You will be able to have a vast range of products if you can use different filaments. As there are lots of filaments compatible with this 3D printer, you can have the freedom to print what you need. In final words, you will be able to print millions of things to print. 

The high-quality linear rails are the basic motion system used by the 3D printer. It’s an advantage you can have. The Aluminum plat is attached to the X-axis ensuring the design you create is a perfect design. There is not a heated bed for this printer. It’s a huge disadvantage too. There is nothing to worry about that as a heated bed can be purchased from their website.


You can have premium options for a budget-friendly price with a Cetus3D printer. There are lots of high-quality components in the printer to ensure a high-quality product. There are more advantages and fewer disadvantages to this product. You can see Solid Frame Construction

Quiet Linear Rails No Bed Leveling, Large Build Volume, WiFi Connectivity, Blackout Recovery, Smartphone Management, and Extendable Design as the advantages for Cetus3D printer and No Heated Bed (addon), Limited G-Code Support, Proprietary Nozzles, Loud Fan can be mentioned as the disadvantages for the Cetus 3D printer. 

The company behind the Cetus 3D printer is a well-reputed company in the 3D printing field. They have been manufacturing products since 2003. You will purchase their brand name along with the 3D printer.