There are the latest models of printers and they are being modified from one version to another.

What you need to understand is that there are some specifications you should be well aware of before selecting a crucial printer. The price, features, adaptability, compatibility, and that’s not all. You have to even think about the space as well.

Then after you will be able to achieve your goal if you spend some time with the printer.

The best dual extruder 3d printer is such a thing you need to consider before buying as there are lots of differences and features for every dual extruder printer in the market.

What is an extruder 3d printer?

The dual extruder 3d printer is a 3D printer model and it has made some specific appearances in 3D printing because of its two nozzles.

This might make sense to you too because of the name it has got. Two nozzles become more effective in many ways. They will assist you to enhance the quality of your work as well as the speed it usually takes.

These two nozzles can bear two filaments and you will be able to print your object in two colors simply. If you are going to use two filaments that have different qualities, you will be able to get an extraordinary 3D print as well.

These features have made the best dual-extruder 3d printer among all other printers in the market. The below description will let you know the real inside of the dual-extruder 3d printer furthermore.

The advantages of dual-extruder 3d printer


As there are two nozzles in the 3d printer, you will be able to do the work with impressive speed. You should be able to manage the filaments to suit with the speed.

Then you will be able to get the things done pretty quickly. It’s not just because of the speed, but the availability of the materials as well.

Less cost

The dual extruder 3D printer doesn’t waste your money on the filaments. Because it requires two nozzles, you don’t need to add additives for a better finish.

You will be able to design the product from the very beginning to the conclusion with the designing part.


The designs printed using an extruder printer can be easily identified because of the color combination and the composition of the materials as well. If you need to add more things to the product that has been created using the extruder printer, you will have to add additives to the product.

Safety for the printer

There are lots of things that can be guaranteed for your extruded printer. Because it has a safety mechanism related to the dual nozzles, it is much safer than other printers as well.

As an example, it can be said that this printer type doesn’t run out of the ink as it has got a backup.

High demand

There will not be any need to mention the quality and the beauty of the printer because of the high amounts of advantages.

You can use one of the best dual extruder 3d printers to get your daily tasks achieved. If you are going to thing far beyond, you will be able to develop these little steps up to a business as well.

The dual extruder printers have got a high demand in the market because of the effective finish of their products.

How to set up dual extruder printers? 

It is not so hard to set up the 3d printer. You will have to follow the instructions guided by the manufacturer and do the necessary arrangements.

There is plenty of guidance about the software and the hardware together to guide you to get to the work as immediately as possible.

If you are familiar with those things, it will be a walk in the park as well. Even if you don’t have any first knowledge regarding the 3D printer, you will be able to set up the 3D printer pretty well.

You will have to research before buying the dual extruder 3D printer if you don’t have proper knowledge about them.

There are plenty of sources where you can get knowledge regarding 3D printing as well as a dual extruder 3D printer. The online communities are the best example of that. Then you will be able to collect necessary details for your target.

If you are not a social person to talk about those things, you will be able to have a good follow up with YouTube and relevant media as well.

Because there are lots of channels and related sources where you can gather information. The most important thing you need to remember is to have the 3D printer set up with the correct order.

Here are the best extruder 3D printer models that can be purchased as well as used at present.

If you find the necessary details according to your will, you will be able to get the full use of the 3D printer as well.

QIDI Technology X-Pro 3D Printer

QIDI is a well-known brand in the world. There are lots of experiences for the company in the 3d printer industry.

They have introduced 3d printers with many specifications. They have always been the leader in the field.

They have had a great time with the products and their latest one, QIDI Technology X-Pro 3D Printer, is one of the latest products they have produced for a reliable price.

There are lots of newly improved qualities like playing in the virtual aspects and you can have a go with Google, getting a bundled with 1kg of PLA and 1kg of ABS filament.

The last offer will make you comfortable as there is not such an offer given by any manufacturer as well.

You will get a sealed turbofan with four sides sealed, and 4.3” touch screen display is capable of accepting the commands as well as showing the results in a great manner.

There is some negative feedback from the users telling us that the printer is not compatible with MAC and the low quality of the documentation.

But this 3D printer stands as one of the best dual extruder printers that you can own for a comfortable price as well.

FlashForge 3D Printer Creator Pro

It is also one of the best designs in the 3D printing industry and the manufacturer is not a new one to the field. This is such a best 3D printer in the world because of many reasons.

First of all this dual extruder 3D printer can be recommended for its price. If you are a new arrival to the field, you will be very pleased with this design. Because, it has got all the beneficial factors for you like not requiring the assembling, less price, high compatibility, and the effective print area of 8.8 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches for a less price.

The flashpoint software pack has allowed you to involve in many steps during the printing process. If you are not interested you will be left to stay away from the customization as well.

The Flash Forge 3D Printer Creator Pro is letting you have lots of advantages. They can be mentioned as the compatibility with the flashpoint, can be used on windows with just plug and play, and you get two spools of PLA and ABS filaments with the selection of colors you like.

There is just one con telling that there are several issues that have occurred in the bed. Many users have complained about the warping of the object because of the high temperature.


Ease of Assembling will save you the first impression

A larger print area is available when compared to the price


It requires bed preparation too often and it will delay the process

Warping can happen due to high temperature

QIDI Technology 3DP-QDA16-01

This is the non-pro version of the QIDI 3D printer which has been described previously. If you are a bit concerning the fewer premium options and the less price, this will be one of the best offers you can get for a reasonable price.

This printer can be purchased for $700 and you will be able to manage this product for your 3D printing as well.

You get a printing area of 8.8 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches for this printer and the bed is having the same quality as the pro version.

What you get as the display is just a display without any touch screen and it can be considered as a less expensive model as well.

You will be happy to know that the software is compatible with many versions and models but there are mismatches for some premium brands like Cura.

You will need to know those details well before the purchase. Though there are more pros than cons, you have to be aware of both things much better as this is not the pro version.


High hardware compatibility will let you have the freedom for parts

Turbofan cooling comes as a stunning feature in this price range


Poor display quality will miss you specific things

Fewer features have been delivered than the Pro version

Sindoh 3DWOX DP200 3D Printer

This extruder 3D printer is such a best 3D printer available in the same category with many pros. You will be able to find this printer in most of the shops in the region as well as online.

You will find that there are lots of features that you can have along with this design. What you need to know for sure is that this model is much better for a place like a university lab or something.

Because there are lots of things that can be taught to someone using this Sindoh 3DWOX DP200 3D Printer.

There is the least probability to make errors and there is a mechanism to avoid those errors as well. If you are a lecturer in a university in some parts of the world, you will be happy to teach your students about the importance of the 3D printer to bring them a great first impression.

If there are errors to ruin that moment itself, you will not be happy.

Here are the pros that can be seen as the advantages of your printing experience.

You won’t have to load the filament as the machine is capable of having them automatically, the features like User assistance features: leveling systems, slicing system recommendations, Wi-Fi connectivity to enter a wide network, the access to Remote monitoring camera, via desktop and app, and you will not get troubles with the noise as the process is going on a closed environment with sealed compartments.

The only negative thing as a con is the price that you have to seek as a higher one when comparing with the best dual extruder printers.


High accuracy in the 3D building will minimize warping like incidents

Automatic filament loading

Less noise will build a quite environment


A higher price will ask for both the printer and replacements

Flashforge Dreamer 3D Printer

 This model is one of the best dual extruder printers in the market at present.

You will be able to get many uses of this printer as well. If you are looking for a 3d printer that can be bought for a highly competitive price, this will be a place where you need to halt.

You can have the access to many premium options with this Flashforge Dreamer 3D Printer for the lowest price that you can never imagine.

There are many customization options either for your entertainment or education. Even if you are not needed for the process, you will have access to have a look at the things with your involvement.

You need to remember that the Flashforge Dreamer 3D Printer is a dual extruder 3D printer that has been designed to minimize your efforts for taking prints.

This printer can work with the filaments like PLA, ABS, and PVA. That is a pro you can have all along. The quality is as always good because of the dual extruder involvement and the printer by Wi-Fi to enhance a wider network.

The cautions are limited and the noise emitting is minimized because of the sealed printing environment.

The only con thing you have to expect from the Flashforge Dreamer 3D Printer is the smaller build area than other models as one of the best dual extruder 3D printer available in the market.


Noise production is less than the other printers in the price range

Wi-Fi has enhanced the wide functionality

Multiple filaments support to work with the dual extrusion


The smaller build area will limit things

BCN3D Sigma R19 Review

Manufactured in Barcelona, BCN3D Sigma R19 is believed to have introduced the dual Extrusion to the world.

When it comes to the most significant feature of the 3d printer, dual Extrusion has been modified to the next level in this 3D printer.

Also, you will l be able to experience a higher quality feature compared to the other 3D models in the market.

The dual-head feature will let you save time in large quantities as they have been programmed to work independently.

Although it is the latest technology, BCN3D Sigma R19 has come to the market for quite a few steps. Although you have to do the calibration, that can be done so quickly.

The manufacturer has insisted that this 3D printer has an IDEX system, making the 3d printing an easy task.

There are other impressive features, such as an aluminum frame. A novel system of dual material 3D printing, Mirror mode, and the quality printed objects are a few of the fantastic things you might want to see. Finally, the manufacture has tried to give an out-of-the-box look to the BCN3D Sigma R19.


  • Duplication and Mirror modes will save you time in large quantities.
  • The calibration is simply a matter of a few seconds.
  • Dual Extrusion has been modified into a new level.
  • Simple maintenance can be kept under detailed guidance.


  • The filament wastage is higher in this model.
  • Dual Extrusion is low compared to other models in the same price range.
  • It is too noisy.

EVO Twin 3D printer Review

It has been a popular product among online users in the last couple of years. The low noise 3D printer will be able to satisfy your 3D printing needs with its supportive PLA, ABS, Special filaments, and Soluble (BVOH, HIPS, PVA) filament materials.

When it comes to the 3d printer’s quality, you will find better quality 3D prints from this 3d printer. Also, you will get a decent build volume along with the quality.

USB and Wi-Fi connectivity will boost up the ease of use. Although you are a beginner to the 3d printing, the device will enhance all your capabilities with a detailed but straightforward user interface.

 If you have different print jobs on your list, you will be able to achieve them using the swappable build plate as well.

One of the best features for the EVO Twin 3D printer is the availability of the filament sensor. You will be notified in case of either a filament shortage or electricity failure.

Also, you will be able to resume the process where it has stopped. The high quality and powerful extruder will always maintain stability in the extrusion process, which will reduce the quality of the final result.


  • High Build volume of 330x310x305mm will enable you to get the prints in a range of products
  • Low Noise will make you a comfortable surrounding
  • The 150 mm/s speed will boost up your tasks in a less time


  • Users will not be able to enjoy the heated bed.
  • The supportive materials are less.

DOUBLE P255 Review

If you are looking for a modern-looking 3D printer, DOUBLE P255 will be the exact model you are looking for.

It is simple, modern, and reliable for getting 3D prints. It will let you select the materials you want. Also, DOUBLE P255 has been nominated as one of the elegant 3D printers with dual Extrusion.

You will be able to use the dual Extrusion to find the most exceptional end products for sure. The automobile industry is the most suitable field for a product like DOUBLE P255 as you get to create actual products for the vehicles.

Another memorable character of the 3D printer is the ability to use soluble materials. Therefore, you will not have to calibrate the device once a printout was taken. The auto-leveling bed will save you lots of time in the printing time.

Another impressive feature with DOUBLE P255 is the ability to swap the materials. Also, you are free to use the printer as a multi-material, supportive 3D printer. When it comes to the filament types that can be used for the 3D printer, ABS, PP, and PLA are the materials you can use.


  • The print speed is exceptional when compared with similar 3D printers in the range.
  • You will get the products in the highest quality.


  • You will get a maximum build volume of 190 × 255 × 195 mm (9 448 cm3) smaller than other 3D printers.
  • You are not allowed to use the 3D printer for a range of filaments. 

The Volumic STREAM 30 Pro MK2 3D Printer Review

The French brand is not a frequently met up name in the 3D printing industry. However, The Volumic STREAM 30 Pro MK2 3D Printer has been able to find the best audience for their product.

It comes with a 6mm all-aluminum chassis, which lets you enjoy a durable 3D printer design that can last for a few years. Also, the heating bed has been created with a 3mm thick aluminum plate.

It can bear the heat up to 100C. The most important thing about this model is the provision of a 0.4 mm brass nozzle, which lets you enjoy a great experience in 3D printing. 

It is speedy and decent with the quality. You will get an extrusion temperature of up to 300 ° C, which is an exceptional heat compared to other 3D printer models. Also, the speed of the displacement is 120mm / s.

There are Repetier or Cura software that you can use free with The Volumic STREAM 30 Pro MK2 3D Printer while you can switch the profiles as you like. 

If you are looking for a 3D printer that can build the objects’ tiniest edges, this will be the exact one you need to purchase.


  • It is free from the calibration, which saves you tons of time.
  • USB and Wi-Fi connectivity


  • You will need the knowledge when installing this 3D printer.
  • Build volume is not enough for large products.

Monoprice Maker Select v2 Review

If you are looking for a mid-range 3D printer for a reasonable price, Monoprice Maker Select v2 will do the necessary tasks. It is stable and straightforward as a 3d printer.

The amount and features stand in between a DIY 3D printer and the fully Assembled 3D printer price.

If you are a skilled and educated person regarding 3d printers, you will be able to manage things in less than four hours. Otherwise, the time will be up to one day. According to the price, you will get an open design that has got the parts in an exposed manner.

If you are expecting this to be a bit noisy one, it will not make much Noise. The Monoprice Maker Select v2 has got an enormous build volume thanks to the exposed build. Another impressive thing about this 3D printer is the availability of extended the Z-axis, which helps you obtain quality designs.

You will be able to use a range of filaments for this 3D printer, such as BS, PLA, PETG, TPU, and Nylon. Also, it supports USB and SD cards when making the communication between you and the 3D printer.


  • Massive build volume will let you have a vast range of products
  • Spare parts and other materials are common in the market.
  • Having an open filament type will always ensure a quality product.


  • The manual bed leveling process will cost you lots of time.
  • You will not get so many controls to keep the quality in control.

The da Vinci 2.0 Duo Review 

It has got external stats 18.4 x 20 x 22 inches when considering the dimensions. Also, you will get a high build volume in this 3D printer model.

When it comes to the most important thing about the 3D printer, you will see it is a dual extrusion printer. It means that you can add more colors to the 3D printer. The da Vinci 2.0 Duo will save you the time that you have to waste for painting the final product.

Unfortunately, users will not be able to use many filament types of this product. You will get a 3d printer which only supports PLA filament. Cloud facility is one of the latest technologies that have been introduced in the 3d printing industry.

You will be able to store the files in the cloud for safety. Therefore you won’t have to worry about the misplacements of the computer or other storage.

When it comes to the USB connectivity, the manufacturer has delivered a 3D printer with the USB 2.0 supportability.

Also, you will get an automatic maintenance feature that will assist you when adjusting the print bed. It will keep the optimum distance between the printing platform and the extrusion nozzle.

As an overall product, this 3D printer will deliver you the natural products with higher quality.


  • 2.6,” 4×16 FSTN LCM display will guide you either in English or Japanese.
  • Members’ gallery will let you share thousands of products.


  • It weighs more than 10kg, which means it is hard to transport.
  • The less filament compatibility will make you run out of materials. 
  • High Noise will make you tensed.

The ZMorph VX review

The ZMorph has been able to keep a considerable title in the 3D printing industry for a long time.

You will not have to worry about a second thought after purchasing for sure. Anyway, it is essential to make sure that you are selecting the select model in the series.

The ZMorph VX will deliver you a vast range of features in a single model. Although it is coming with a single extruder, you will be able to get the 3D prints with high accuracy.

Also, you have the liberty to use any printing materials. PLA, ABS, and there will be many more to try for The ZMorph VX. 

Even if you get a single extruder, you will be able to try dual extruders without paying much time. All you have to do is to remove some cables and plugin for the new extruder.

To do so, you will need the hardware acceleration, which has already been provided by The ZMorph VX 3D printer.

There is a feature called Idiot proof tool changing, which will let you stay in the handling process until an excellent product is executed. Also, Voxelizer 2 software will guide you through an excellent job to obtain the best results.


  • Exceptional quality will be delivered to you with this model.
  • The low Noise will keep you undetected, even in your bedroom.
  • The user interface will guide you.


  • The user manual will not provide you detailed instructions.
  • Dual Pro head will ask for adjustments frequently.

Raise3D Pro 2 Plus Review

It is one of the best platforms for professionals in the 3d printing industry. Although you have to bear a high purchasing price, that will be all worthy for sure.

This model has a higher build volume, 305 × 305 × 605 mm when compared to other 3D printers, which means you can use the 3D printer for several purposes.

The modern look of the 3D printer will bring up a first though similar to a time-traveling machine. It is elegant that much. If you are looking for a 3D printer that can produce a typical key tag, this will not be the one you should be looking for.

You can create anything, but the entrepreneurs, companies, and higher graded people deserve this. Besides the price of almost $6000, you will need several things to run this machine.

When it comes to the features you get to use, dual print head, dual Extrusion. Aluminum body closed printing environment, and least Noise will be many things you might like.

Most importantly, you will be able to use this 3D printer without manual involvement. All it requires are the detailed and accurate instructions at the very beginning. 

Also, 0.01 layer resolution, magnetic, heated bed, v, and well instructed integrated software will be the other things that you may appreciate.


  • The professional flow of the machine will make you the best among the competitors
  • The HEPA filter will let you have a better experience when creating 3d prints
  • The proper heat management will be a different experience.
  • You will be able to get great 3D prints consistently.


  • The calibration needs to be checked as it may get tricky.
  • Price is not indeed in the right range.
  • You will have to check once the printing is finished. The 3D printer will not notify you.

The conclusion leads to the best dual extruder in the market

3D printing technology is renewing every day as the factors are taken to the consideration that differs from day today.

At present, it can be stated that the dual extruder 3d printers hold the title as the best in the field. When there is competition among several 3d printers in the field, each brand is taking it to their consideration and they try to modify the device with many features.

Sometimes this leads to an increase in the price. As an example, this may lead to a con as well. If you are going to purchase the best dual extruder printer that has lots of premium options as well as a reasonable price, the QIDI TECHNOLOGY X-Pro 3D Printer can be recommended for you because of the hardware compatibility, software in the machine, price, and the premium options as well.