If you are an internet user, you will need a search engine to find different things in different categories.

You are going to need a search engine for that. As an example, you will be able to find unlimited photos for a given keyword. Even if it is necessary or not, there are thousands of search engines that have been set up to find different things.

Some of them include videos, sound files, articles, services, and many things. It is important to collect the necessary data from different web sites as well as other sources to provide a proper guide.

If you are an owner of a 3D printer, you will be happy to know that some search engines can find some specific things regarding 3d printing.

Here are some important details about them.

(01) Yeggi

Yeggi is considered as one of the best search engines to find the best results among the 3D printers. If you have ever looked for a 3D printer on this site, you might already know that this site contains lots of categories as well as details regarding 3D printers.

Also, this site can be named as another way to Google 3D printer models. This search engine allows you to search similar to Google. The more you need to find 3d models, the more you will get the assistance from this web site.

This search engine collects all the data from the sources and you will be able to get enough details regarding the 3d printer designs. There are specific 3D printer models and you will get a filtered result set from all those sources.

These sources consist of several web sites, communities, and servers that contain specific details. It is a common thing that most of the market places have linked with the initial details of 3d printer models.

This search engine has been powered by those market places as well. They can be named as Thingiverse, GrabCAD, 3DLT, and more. This search engine has been the best to find 3D printer models with its extent. It is believed that it has details of 1.4 Million of 3D printer files details.

Another impressive thing with this search engine is the ability to search the results by keywords.

The interface is as simple as Google. So, you can have direct access to the search engine and find the most appropriate details of yours. The auto-filling option will always be with you and it will provide you some forgotten words as well. Because these 3d printer models have very complex names. It may be a confusing process with search engine keywords. Also, the search results can be filtered very easily and you will be able to skip commercial models and uninterested 3DS printer models with this filtering mode. If it is about the latest models, you will have to do nothing as the search results include recently release3d models.

This search engine has been online for almost 6 years to serve the 3d printer users.

(02) Cults

This is one of the most popular websites from where you can download STL files. All these files are being provided not for free but for a reasonable price.

This site can be considered as a leading marketplace as well. You will be able to find thousands of designs for your taste.  One of the problems that a 3D designer face is the unavailability of the designs in different categories. Unlike those sites, Cults are taking good care to provide the STL files in several categories.

They include toys, souvenirs, jewel, fashion, and many more. The more you surf the more you will about this site and its a valuable design. Even though you are a seller, this will be a fine digital marketplace to sell your designs as well. If you are a regular customer in 3D printing, this site will make a nice place to find impressive designers as well.

You will be able to measure their creativity and performance using the site’s scaling. Another thing regarding Cults is their communicating space availability for the people who love 3D printing. Even if you are a novice who wants to learn from A-Z, you will be able to find the facts you need.  If you are a patient designer, you will find thousands of makers, designers, facts, contests, and much more added to the search engine. If it is about the content, they are well organized and categorized. Also you have the freedom to go find results in specified categories according to the model, format, and if it is an animated model like things.

(03) STLFinder

This is another 3D printer search engine that can challenge the dominance of the Yeggi search engine. It has got so many indexed 3D printer models, as well as the speed of the search engine, which is comparatively higher than the other 3D printer search engines.

STLFinder has access to many 3D print file repositories that include Thingiverse, Cults3D, Pinshape. It is said that the 3D printer has got so many details about other 3D printer models. That limit has just passed 2.5 million.

This is the best 3D printer search engine among others that have got the huge 3D printer files list.

There are two modes of searches, basic and advanced. If you select the advanced mode, you will be able to see repositories, commercial models, and free models among the search results.

This search engine has always been trying to figure out a better way than the other search engines. So, you will be able to find so many options as well as categories when searching for 3d printer files.

Unlike other 3D printer search engines, you can retrieve the pause session once you become an owner of an account. That will be a nice feature when you want to continue a previous session with a bookmark. Also, if you want to have feedback or recommend a 3d printer model, you will be able to share the results whenever you want.

There are two app versions for both iOS and Androids that can be used to search 3D models with your smart devices. That is an added feature as well. These mobile versions can be downloaded for free and use for free either.

(04) Tridimensia

The future of 3D printing search engines can be seen straight out of this search engines which means it has got all the capabilities as well as improvements of the regular search engines.

All the features are included as a future model. Though the interface is a simple one, it has got a modern look not only with the graphics but with the features as well. First of all, you are allowed to view the 3D files directly. It is not necessary to download them to see. A simple and proper look is given to you with the view. So, you don’t have to bother with downloading and seeing them. Even if you need to have the files downloaded, that is also possible indeed. This feature is not provided by the majority of the search engines. But, Tridimensia search engine leaves you that choice indeed.

The 3d printing has never been easy as today. That includes the comfort given to you by search engines like these as well. You will be able to know if that printing model is ready to print once you go through this browser. Additional to that, all the results will be categorized under many characteristics.

If the money is your main concern, you will be able to filter the results just as the way you want. Similar to that, this 3d printing search engine will define any 3d printer model you want.


When it comes to 3D printing with STL and other file formats, Free3D is such a nice place to find thousands of structures for your 3D printing.

You will not find all of them in STL file formats, but they are mostly in STL formats. The rest of the formats consist of OBJ formats which are fine for your 3D printer.

The designs in this site are supporting software like Blender, and 3DMax which are being used all around the world.

If you are finding for a particular design for your 3D printing, this site will facilitate your need in an instant. Because they are maintaining a highly categorized search engine along with the website.

You will find thousands of 3D printing concepts as STL or OBJ formatted files in the search results. Another thing about this platform is the availability in 14 languages. You will get languages like English, Russian, French and many more.

The most important fact for the website and the search engine is, they have got designs in like a million categories. If you are looking for a design that suits your vehicle, you will be able to find it in just a few seconds.

They have got other categories like architecture, souvenirs, agriculture, mechanical, and many more. All you need to do is to get there and conduct a search. If you need to share your valuable 3D printing experience with others, you will be able to share as well as gain thousands of experiences with others using the community.


At present Pinshape has been a trending site for the people who are interested in 3d printing. If it is brought up to numbers, more than 70,000 manufacturers and designers are meeting for their needs.

Even though it is just a small-time since the arrival of this site, people have been frequently using Pinshape for their needs. Designers upload their designs daily as free-to-download or premium files that are ready to print. Even though you are a highly addicted person for other popular sites, this place is worth to pay a visit. Because you will not see the design you saw a few minutes ago as a new one as the files are being renewed that mush fast.

Although you are a seller, this place is like an oasis to you to find the money. Because you will be rewarded for your efforts at any minute.

There are premium as well as free files that can be used for your needs. Even though you are a person who is looking for a premium file, it will be good to find it as a free file. Because, there are thousands of free files on the site.

There are not only 3D designs, but articles from which you will learn valuable facts regarding 3D printing. If you decide to get to Pinshape for a while, that will be another good step for your 3D printing as well. When it comes to the platform, it’s quite intelligent as well. You will be provided the trending designs at the moment as the platform is keeping details of the designs most of the users are referring to at the moment.

Final words

Yeggi has always been the best 3d printing search engine among all others. It has got a decent amount of 3d printing models as well as some features regarding the search options.

The high level of filter options always helps you to have the best result you want. But, when considering the factor of availability of 3D printer models, STLFinder is the best option you need to take as it has got 2.5 million models.

Also, the updates can be seen day to day. If you are fed off usual 3d printer search engines, Yobi3D will be the best choice you need to take as it has got some future like features. There are other 3D printing Search engine options like Free3D and Cults from where you may find different kinds of search options as well as designs. The purpose of your search may differ according to the search engine you hope to use. So, it is better to be aware of these sites before using them.