Your 3D printer has to be a precious one for you as it is being used to achieve many goals of yours. You must use it under a good atmosphere to get the full use of the 3d printer.

3D printer table is one specific thing you need to have to place your necessary things as well as printed objects. There are lots of ways you can place your 3D printer without a 3d printer table or a 3D printer stand. But, having a 3D printer or a 3D printer stand allows you to escape many risks.

Your 3D printer should be kept on a surface where any change of the surrounding should not make impacts on the 3D printer. Unlike any other device, a 3D printer is a strange device you need to understand with the requirements it has. As you already know, there are many types of 3D printers with the capabilities of their own. Some 3D printers can print objects like boats, and there are also 3D printers that can be packed in a bag as well. So, both types of printers are needed to be placed on a 3D printer stand or a 3D printer table.

So, here are the 04 best 3D printer table designs you can buy

Seville Classics (UHD20247B) UltraHD Lighted Workbench (48L x 24W x 65.5H Inches) Stainless Steel

This workbench is a great design that suits for your 3D printer. This design has been recommended and approved for the standards.

If you are looking for a perfect design, this will be the best option you have. You won’t have to spend your time wasting to find filaments and spools anymore. Also, you will not have to care for the misplacement of your dimensions which can cause the malformation of the 3D object.

Serville Classics Bench is a perfect design because of many reasons. Its stainless steel design is such a reason to consider this workbench as the best design for you.

Durability for both printer and the bench has increased because of the stainless steel design. You will not have to worry about the decaying and the rusting for the money you have spent. It is also proof of fingerprints and wet surfaces. The heavy stainless frame has added the strength to hold the weight of a considerable amount. If it is a 3D printer, that will be fair enough to bear to the printer.

The powder-coated finish of the bench has allowed the bench to avoid corrosion under any circumstances. The heavy-duty steel frame with leveling feet is also a great thing with the table as it allows you to level the ground surface for you. Even if you are going to mount this spectacular design, you will be able to place it anywhere because of this feature. The 3D printer of yours requires a stable surface to function well. So, the leveling feet will be a great thing for you.

The unit features a vast pegboard (with 23 hooks included) to hang larger items. It allows you to place the most important parts of your 3D printer. Because of this part, you are allowed to keep all your necessary things on the table where they should be kept.

Two-lined drawers for storing smaller tools are such a thing you have got to keep the table as an efficient one. A small cantilever shelf at the top of the pegboard has been designed to keep all your necessary things. You can keep anything you need here. The in-built light system is another thing you should know about this workbench. It allows you to see all the parts very well and it has added professionalism for your 3D printer table.

The dimensions for the table can be states as 48L x 24W x 37.5H Inches and overall measurements can be stated as 48 L x 24W x 65.5 H Inches; Weight: 113 lbs.

You can purchase this work table for around $300 and that will be a price worth paying. If you once buy this product, you will not have to worry about that once again for a long time.

There is nothing to worry about the rating or the manufacturer as there is a 5star rated review for the manufacturer as well.

66-1/2″ Wide Hardwood Workbench

Wide Hardwood Workbench is manufactured by the Gladiator. It is a perfect and simple design you can purchase from the

This is not as complicated as a 3D printer but capable of giving you what you need from the printer as well. There are lots of features as well as hardware ingredients you need to care about before buying this design.

As it is said in the title, this bench is a hardwood based workbench which can leave you to have a natural surrounding with its segments. Solid bamboo work surface with multi-layer core and UV-cured protective coating is suited for you to place your 3D printer on this table.

Usually, 3D printers don’t come up with fluids or water-related materials that can flow on to the table. So, there is nothing you need to worry about the design of decaying. The bamboo related design has brought a natural look into this table and it can be used effectively with the parts of your 3D printer as well.

Heavy-duty steel frame and tubular steel legs with angle brackets support up to 300 lbs is another segment specified for this table. It allows you to mount this graceful design on any surface without any aid. 

Solid bamboo with multi-layer core has let you have a smooth surface area that can give you a soft surface and a surface without any scratch.

This is a vital necessity you need to have to keep your 3D printer on this. It will give comfort not only to the printer but also to you as well. The 1.5-inch thick solid top is made from bamboo, the world’s most environmentally friendly material for a table has made this an eco-friendly table as well.

Even if you are going to use the table outside the house, you will be able to expose to sunlight as the surface of the table has been coated for UV and sunray resistant. That also has enabled the table to stay against chemicals related to the garage.

It also means that you can use the table for any purpose. Keeping a 3D printer on the table is not a big deal for this table. The height of the table can be adjusted to either your height or to the desired height because of the four 2.5-inch diameter threaded bolt leveler legs.

So, the height of the table is not a big deal you as it can be adjusted. Nylon pads have been used for the legs and it leaves the corrosion away from the table.

You will be able to purchase this design online from for $230 and it’s a fair price for you for the segments designed by the Gladiator. There is nothing you need to worry about the installation as it consists of very simple steps. 

Mobile Garage Workbench w/Casters | 61″ Acacia Hardwood Top | Adjustable Height Legs | Great for use as Office Workshop Tool Bench

This is another design to place your 3D printer. If you are looking for a more professional design, this will be a nice thing to place the 3D printer of yours.

Though there are lots of tables for your 3D printer, this design has always been a more professional approach. You can purchase this table for $250 and simply it allows you to place the parts of your 3D printer. Though there are not lots of gadgets on the table, this table is simply bearable for your heavy 3D printer.

It is manufactured by FedEx, the greatest seller on This workbench comes along with the height adjustment and it allows you to level any uneven surface as you can be pleased.

There are 14 different height adjustments you can set on the table and those things can be applied to your table considering all the factors. The most important thing for you is to level the surface as it is required by the 3D printer as a basic need. Another thing for this table is the sturdy frame design. It allows you to have a durable design along with the 3D printer.

You can place all your parts along with the 3D printer because of this sturdy design. It can bear up to a heavy amount of weight with this design. This table is not specifically designed for the 3D printer you have, but it allows you to have all the benefits like heavyweight tolerance as well.

The wood appearance of the table has applied a simple look for the overall look. The table’s surface is made of acacia hardwood and it is considered harder than the beach hardwood as well. Acacia hardwood is considered to be the hardest material in the market as well. The score for the Janka hardness test is 1750lbs while other competing brands unable to score past 1500lbs. 

Assembly of the table is very easy as there are only 10 screws you need to fix on the table. After all those screws are fixed, you can have a fully completed design. The weight is counted as 95 pounds and the dimension area for the printer is 20 x 61 x 44 inches and there are not any electric parts in the table. It allows you to use the printer well without being afraid of liquid spoiling. 36 ratings have been collocated and it is said that the manufacturer is scoring at 3.8 stars per product. 

Seville Classics UHD20168B Ultra Graphite Wood Top Workbench on Wheels with Sliding Organizer Drawer Table, Non-Adjustable, Satin Graphite

This table is a cheaper design you can buy from It has got lots of features you can have for a table. This costs $200 when you purchase online. If you are in a country away from America, you will be able to get free shipping.

The table is manufactured by Seville Classics, a leading furniture manufacturer on Amazon online market. 1.5″ thick solid-wood top coated in ultra-durable polyurethane allows you to ensure this table can hold the weight of your 3D printer and the other parts too.

If you are looking for something looking for a professional, this table will be the best match you have. You can expose the table for any chemical in your garage as well as any ray in the surrounding. Its coat is highly resistant to any chemical substance in your garage.

Once you have purchased the table, you will not have to think of another table for a long time because of the durability.

Steel organizer drawer with 2 adjustable dividers and 7 mounting points let you have the effectiveness of the space you have been provided. These drawers can be used to store any parts you have. Even though they are filaments or spools, you can place them in the drawers.

If you intend to put the manual or warranty card in the drawer, they will leave you a nice and safer place for them too. The weight lifting ability of the table is very impressive with the metallic structured frame.

It can easily hold your printer and give the protection as well. The table has got a graphite finish to have great strength as well. Though there is not an adjustable feature for the height, you can use the table effectively with what it has got. The most important thing for this table is mobile ability. You can take the table anywhere in the garage without lifting.

It will be a great segment for you as it cannot be seen in most of the table designs on the market. Also, these wheels allow you to turn 360 degrees if you want. This workbench is ideal for the workplace. If you intend to keep this table in your garage, it will bring a more professional look for your workplace too. There are four 3″ casters with steel hardware and 2 of them can be locked. That will increase the safety of the table.