what does resolution mean in 3d printing : As you know, the 3D printing process is going through a set of complex steps. Simply, 3D printing resolution can be meant by the quality or the details included in the 3D printing.

There are many ways to measure this thing. If you want the shortest or the quickest way, you will be able to see it using your eyes. Even if it is about the 3D or 2D, your eyes are the best things in the world that can measure such things. You can use your vision to see the quality of a 2D image for an example.

The more there is a high resolution, the more the quality of the design will increase obviously.

If you are looking for a better answer that can be meant as, more than your vision, you will be able to see the XY and Z axis for more details. As it was previously mentioned, you can go through several sources to identify the resolution of the 3d printing.

If it is about a few 3d printers, you will be able to use multiple measures to conclude the resolution. Even the hardware consists of a 3D printer that can define its quality or the resolution of its 3d prints. It is similar to a camera which is used to snap photos. The more the camera has got hardware features, the more it will capture more details of the photos. If you have a better understanding of the 3D printing, a 3d printer resolution comparison will make you realize some valuable points.

The unit to determine 3d printing resolution

The simplest way to understand this complicated theory is to remind of the LEGO toys that are made of smaller particles. Several shapes can be created using these blocks.

If you compare this with 3D printing, you will understand that the more the parts become small, the more the quality will improve.

A 3d print is a combination of millions of particles. The smallest thing is called the Dot which can not be broken into other parts. This is determined by the width of the nozzle. If your 3D printer has got a smaller nozzle, your 3D printing resolution will be a higher one for the 3Dprint.

If you are looking for a better and understandable answer, you will realize that having a smaller hole can create higher-resolution 3D prints. These dots can create larger objects. But, the dot is the building unit of a 3D printer you want to be printed. You can create huge structures using a 3D print which is needed to be created using dots as the unit. These dots decide the height of a layer as well which means a dot’s height is also one of the most important factors.

Even if you have the most accurate instrument in the world to measure the height and the width of a dot called thing, you will see that the values from one to another are different as well. That’s also a thing you should know regarding the 3D printers. If your 3D printer does have dots in different values, you will have to go for a better solution as they need to have similar values almost always.

Stepper Motor

This is such a mechanism inside the 3d printer. It is used by most of the 3d printers in the world. It simply defines the ability of the 3D printer to have a higher resolution or not.

The stepper motor is the part that provides the power to most of the rotating things in a 3D printer.

There are some angles to a stepper motor of a 3D printer. That angle decides many factors of a 3d printer. The resolution is such a factor to be decided. Those angles can be mentioned as 0.9° or 1.8°. Multiple steps need to complete when achieving a cycle. 

Another thing you need to remember is the number of steps taken to complete a cycle. Usually, it takes about 200 or 400 steps to complete a cycle. If the stepper motor can make smooth but quick movements, that will be a sign to have a precisely better 3d prints. The more the movements take less time, the more the resolution of the 3d prints will increase which effects on 3d printer resolution in the end.

XY Resolution

This is a subfactor for the stepper motor. It belongs to the nozzle factor as well. If your nozzle has a smaller a hole, that 3d printer will be able to create smaller dots like previously mentioned. Also, if a 3D printer can perform smaller and fine stepper motor movements, that will cause a higher resolution to the 3d prints as well.

All these factors together will define if it is a high-resolution 3d printer in the end. XY resolution is the width of the smallest unit that can be created using the 3d printer.

If you don’t have a clear picture yet, you will have to remind of an image. If it is created by bigger pixels, you will see it as a low-resolution image indeed. If it is made of tinier pixels which means smaller units than the previous one, you will see it as a better image. Similar to this, the more the units of the 3d printer are small, the more it will be attractive as a design.

You need to note one more thing precisely, the smallest unit, the dot can never be finer than the diameter of the nozzle. If you have a clear understanding, you will see it in a better way to the question, why?

Z resolution

This is the factor defines if it is a 3D image or not. This factor defines the depth or the height of the layers created using the 3D printer. Similar to XY resolution, you will be able to see a high quality if the 3d printer can produce layers with fewer heights.

If an example is needed, you will see a structure more beautifully, if it is made by more brick rows than a one created using fewer brick rows. Similar to this, you will be able to see a better quality production if you use a beer 3D printer that can produce tinier layers.

This Z factor is defined by the 3d printer model and more factors. The more the 3d printer model gets better, the more it will produce thin layers indeed. If the visibility of the layers gets low, you will not be able to find it as an impressive design. Especially Z-axis comes as the most prominent factor that decides the visibility of the smallest particles.  That is the thing you need to remember of XY, and Z factors. So, the Z-axis is such a thing that defines the 3d printer resolution.

Different resolutions for different 3D printing technologies

There are few 3D printing technologies in the world as you might already know. If you are concerned about buying an expensive 3d printer, it might mean that you want to have 3d printer which has got a higher resolution for 3d prints it takes.

The more you expend money the less you will have to think about the quality of the 3d prints for sure. But, you will be able to get some far ahead if you have a bit of knowledge about 3D printing as well.

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

This is the most popular 3D printing technology the world uses that define 3d printing resolution at a higher rank.

There are a few positive things that can be seen in it. It doesn’t require lots of things when compared with other technologies either. The thing behind the technology is to extrude the material on a surface as layers. All the instructions are provided to the 3d printer and it can manage the 3D printing after that. 

The filament is melted and sent through a nozzle during the process. A bit higher temperature has to be used for melting the nozzle. Xy resolution is controlled by the nozzle at the most primary levels.

So, it can decide if it is a 3D print with a higher resolution. Other factors decide the XY diameter. For example, the filament may affect on the XY factor as there are different types of filaments that require many factors to work at its best. As you have already understood, heat runs a major role in the entire process.

All these factors have to be controlled well to have a fine and textured 3D print that can attract anyone for any purpose. Also, you will see the 3d printer resolution guide is higher for this technology as well.

Polyjet and Multi jet

These are two different technologies that can be considered similar when comparing most of the factors.

This is also a bit of modified technology used for 3d printing.  Similar technology is being used for 3d printing similar to the dot matrix printer.  Dots are deposited as resign and UV rays are used to treat that resign. That is the simples explanation in brief.  If there are more dots, you will get a proper 3d print that has got a high resolution. DPI is the main factor that affects on this technology. 

You must know that Multi jet type 3d printers have got a higher resolution than the Polyjet 3d printers.  In Polyjet 3D printers, dots are staying in liquid form for a longer period until they are treated with the UV which makes the dots larger. Unlike Polyjet technology used 3d printers, Multijet 3D printers take immediate action to dry out the dots as soon as they are on the layer.

Stereolithography (SLA)

This is such a technology that uses a similar pattern to the dot matrix printers. The only thing differs from the Multi jet and Polyjet 3D printing technology is the spreading of the entire layer on to the surface of the layer. It means that the entire layer is built at once. 

UV light beam determines the resolution of the 3D print be taken as it is necessary to dry out or treat the layer as soon as possible. However, this light originated 3D printing technology can take up a higher resolution with the XY factor indeed. The ultimate result you get is a fine and smooth design in the end.

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) & Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)

SLS and DMLS are similar to SLA technology. The technology behind this is to spread an entire layer of powder on the surface. Unlikely in SLA, the powder is used to build the entire layer. There are no units for this method. Entire layers are counted as the basic unit. A laser is used to bind the matters together as it is needed to keep them together as a layer.

The only factor to decide the resolution can be named as the laser used to treat the powder. You need to remember that there is a stage in the DMLS method when the matter turns in to the liquid form. That can cause some low-quality patches in the resolution.

Best 3D printers that can be recommended with a high resolution

If you are looking for 3d printer to get your work done, you should be looking for a 3d printer that has several qualities that serve in your favoritism. Price, compatibility, after-sale service, and there are many things you need to keep your eye.

The resolution of the 3D printer is such a point you forget which means you use to forget one of the most important things. Here are the best 03 3D printers that have got a better 3D printing resolution.

Ultimaker 3

This is a type that serves you lots of features at once. The quality or the highest resolution is among those qualities. Dual extruders allow you to experience a new level of 3D printing as well.  You can have smooth and finer 3D models using this 3d printer. The resolution of the 3D printer is 20 microns.  

There are few things you might like among features like Sturdy frame, Integrated camera, open-source origination, Reliable Wi-Fi connection, and an impressive USB connection. The only thing against you is the price you have to pay. You will have to pay about $4200 to own this product. 3d printer resolution is always a higher value for this 3d printer and the winner for the 3d printer resolution comparison is Ultimaker 3 all the time.

 Original Prusa i3 MK3

This 3D printer is not belonging to the budget category. But, it has got a higher 3d printing resolution all the time.  You will have to pay at least $750 to own this kit. If you manage to pay that amount, you will be able to be an owner of a 3D printer that can produce 3d prints in a higher resolution than the others. 

If you are not a fan of DIY you will have to pay more $250 to own a preassembled kit to your doorstep. PLA and ABS types are supporting to this 3D printer at all.

If you manage to set the right settings, you will be able to get the use of a better print indeed.

MakerGear M2

3d printer resolution guide will let you know that this 3D printer has got a higher 3D resolution. This is an open frame 3D printer that can keep your trust all the time. The quality or the resolution for the prints created with this type is ina higher position all the time. An aluminum heated bed is not provided for this 3d printer. Instead of that, you will get a glass stage to build the design.  Therefore you will be able to use ABS-like high heat required materials to build your objects.