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The most important factor regarding the tools is the cost. There are two types of costs you need to consider when talking about the cost. They are the initial cost and the buildup cost.

There are subcategories under the buildup cost like wear and tear cost, maintenance cost, and others. If you are already an owner, you will have to expend some money for the printing process for sure

If you have a good quality 3d printer, it will not take much cost to create objects using the 3d printer you have. If you are tired of the expenditure already, you will be able to reduce the price as soon as possible by following some tricks and hacks regarding the expenditure.

You will see many of them in some of the web sites as well as video tutorials. If you think that having a 3D printer after paying a huge price will reduce the cost, you will soon realize you are wrong. The more you get 3D prints, the more you will have to expend money for sure. 

The most important thing after the initial buying process is to get 3d prints. You will need to have a thorough understanding of the 3d printer as well as the expenditure. Because you will be lost without the money if you don’t make the correct expenditure forecast.

It will be nice to know that some websites in the world can calculate the expenditure you have to endure for the printing process.

As you know there are a few things that decide the cost factor. Type of material, 3d printer’s brand, print size and quantity, and there are many things you have to count for.

Here are some special things you need to know to make the expenditure for the printing process. 3d print cost calculator is the best thing that can happen when calculating the cost of the printing process. 3d printing cost calculator counts the most approximate cost you have to bear.

The factors

Here are some of the factors that can decide the expenditure for the ongoing 3D printing process. Most of the online cost measuring web sites find these things as the factors to decide the cost for the print.

If you are already finding these things expensive or less quality than the others, you will be able to replace the relevant factor or the material for a better design for a less cost. 3d printing cost calculator is using the following factors as initial things.

  • Material
  • Layer Height
  • Infill Percentage
  • Print Speed
  • Est. Print Time
  • Filament Needed
  • Filament Cost 
  • Electricity Rate 
  • Est. Cost to Print
  • Setup Fee
  • Packaging
  • Shipping
  • Markup Percentage

If you have some of these things at a higher cost rate, you will have to replace those things. As an example, some filaments cost a higher price than you can tolerate. Replacing them with other brands can reduce the price of the entire process.

Also, you need to know that some things have to be decided as the uncontrolled factors. As an example, you cannot decide the electricity factor given by a 3rd party. So, you need to consider them also. If you think that some additional things can decide the cost of production, you will be able to find immediate answers as soon as you have the Googled.

Some websites can be used to know the exact cost for the process by just uploading the STL file to their web site. Omni calculator 3d Printer is such a website that can get to know several cost-related info for the 3D printer users. Here are the detailed factors that affect the cost

Omni 3d printing cost calculator


Electricity is provided by lots of governments in the world. If you are using electricity from a common line, you will have to consider many factors. You must have a stable electricity connection as an interruption may cause several additions to the cost. Also, you will have to get extra permission from the relevant authorities if you are using a powerful 3d printers.

Because that can be an illegal thing in some parts of the world to use a high amount of electricity without getting permission. Rates are also varied from one government to another.

These little things will add extra costs as well as they will take much valuable time of yours. So, you have to add these things to the formula properly. These factors will not affect if you are using your power to the printing process.

Because it’s your power and your machine. If you are using a generator, you will have to count that value for the formula to count the accurate cost as most of the users don’t do that. Even if you are using your generator or solar-generated power, even they can cause some costs and they cannot be considered as zero. 3d printing cost calculator has to have these little things for a more accurate calculation.

Set-up Fee

If you are a person with the skills, this will be extremely counted as zero. As you are already aware, some printers come to the users without any need to set up. If you intend to purchase a 3D printer in that manner, you will have no cost for the Set-up fee. But, you should know that you will have to have a proper understanding of how the 3d printer works of yours.

Because a 3D printer is a machine that needs frequent maintenance and they can cost too for the replacements. You will have to adapt to those situations. Unless they will cause you more trouble than just setting up the 3d printer. The other thing you need to know is the necessity of the set-up doesn’t mean that it is a low-cost product. Most of the best manufacturers in the world send their devices through a package that is needed to be set up.

If you purchase a simple 3D printer, it will not require any setup process and you are free from the cost as well. The set-up fee is a thing you need to remember having a print 3d estimated cost

Transporting and shipping

This is another thing you have to consider as a cost. There are 3D printer manufacturers all around the world. If you are a US citizen, you will be able to get the delivery for free or for a reasonable price. But, you will have to pay for the related materials or parts for an overseas country.

The brands that deliver 3D printers are not only in the US but also all around the world. Though there is a saying, China made materials are the worst, you will find so many best 3d printer brands as well as models from China. Those models will have to be delivered to you with the shipping fee and the set up free some times. So, the transport cost cannot be ignored at any cost as it costs some money for you.

If you are living in a country that has high import strict regulations, you will have to pay some other taxes. Because governments in the world are learning about the 3d printers and they are identifying the positive and negative trends of the 3D printer. The result will be to include extra charges and introducing new taxes. One other thing you need to remember about the shipping is the cost for extra padding and other materials which means your cost increases for them as well.


Maintenance of your 3d printer is a must-to-do thing indeed. It is as important as getting 3d prints from the 3d printer of yours. Your 3d printer parts can indeed survive for a longer time. But, there are some things you need to do regarding the maintenance.

You will have to adjust the parts after a 3d print is taken. Just like that, there are things you need to do regularly. You need to remember the exact days for the maintenance process.

If you stay for long until you see any error or damage, you will not be able to get the full use of your 3D printer. It will be a goner so soon. If you have to replace the parts of your 3D printer, you will have to tolerate extra expenditure for the other parts as well. Then you will have to import them from an overseas country as well. Even if it is about a small thing needed to be added to the cost counting formula, you will have to count everything as a cost. You must remember that every small thing can cause a huge cost in the end.


3d print calculator is the best choice you can have when calculating the cost. But, you need to have a proper understanding of how to use that.

These factors are added to the cost counting factors list in most of the web sites. You have to add everything to get the most appropriate cost count for the details. If you are going to start the process without calculating the cost, you will have to be lost in the cost as well as the process.

The cost is not a stable thing for months as it depends on other factors that you don’t even know. As an example, you will have to face the fluctuation of the economy of a country in the middle of something. These things can cause a sudden increase in costs. It is really important to keep your eyes open for things like these to have a good 3d printing process in the end. 3d printing cost calculator will save you from many unexpected threats.