If you have a 3D printer at your service, that will have to be your priority under different circumstances. Since it has got a limited warranty, most of the people are not bothering about the security options. But, you must take necessary precautions for the safety of your 3d printer.

The bed heating process is necessary for some of the printers and the enclosure is considered as one of the best answers for the ease of bed heating. Also, the safety of the 3D printer is ensured by the enclosure for sure. Not only that, but your printing environment is kept away from toxic compounds as well.

There are lots of things you need to do for the safety of the machine. You have to set the measurements smoothly and correctly, replace the broken parts, learn about the machine, and lot more. If you have an idea about the 3D printer, it will not be necessary to describe the importance of each and every part of the 3d printer.

3d printer enclosure is such a part that has to be added to your 3D printer to save your time and money in the nearest future as it helps you to provide the necessary protection as well as many advantages. It has been proved that the 3d printer enclosures are more effective for the printers for the safety than without a proper one. It is really important to have an idea about this part before purchasing it.

Here are the best advantages that can be obtained by using an enclosure for your 3d printer.

  • Safe to use the 3d printer in an enclosed environment
  • A vast range of materials can be used for the printing
  • Print Quality is comparatively higher than other models
  • Heat can be increased pretty easily
  • Noise is not coming out
  • Safety for the 3D printer

Safe to use the 3d printer in an enclosed environment

It is always to use the 3d printer in a closed environment for many reasons. Safety comes first of all for sure.

There can be many hazards with the 3D printer. So, you can have protection from the 3D printing process. Not only that but also you will be able to save your surroundings from the compounds that are produced in the process. That will be a good approach for you to avoid the toxic compounds and diseases as well.

A vast range of materials can be used for the printing

As you already know, a 3D printer involves different processes to provide you a 3D print as the ultimate result. But, there are some other limitations to get you the ultimate result in its perfection due to many reasons. There are some things or processes that need to avoid some factors.

As an example, you will have to control the wind to avoid the impact of the outer environment. So, an enclosure will be a better approach to perfection indeed. The wind is not the only thing. Mist, rays, smokes, and there are lots of things that can be mentioned.

Print Quality is comparatively higher than other models

It has been confirmed after several tests that the quality of the designs that are created inside an enclosure, is having a higher quality than the other models without an enclosure. So, this is going to be a good reason to consider 3d printer enclosure is needed for your 3D printer.

Heat can be increased petty easily

A heated bed is an essential component for getting different kinds of 3D prints with a variety. You will need to get 3D prints using different materials as well as they will be needed in different colors as well.

So, the heating bed becomes a primary need for this. It has been proved that the malfunctioning of the heat bed can cause many disadvantages like extrusion, malformation, and unnecessary repairs for the 3d printers. So, with an enclosed environment, you will not have to worry about the change of the inner environment as it cannot be harmed by the outer environment. The heat will be in a stable state for long you need.

Noise is not coming out

Noise is another thing people have to worry about. It will not be any problem if the neighbors don’t bother to complain regarding the noise nuisance. If you are in the middle of a place where the silence is considered a top priority that will be a major problem for sure. Therefore, having a 3d printer enclosure will provide you the answer to the noise disturbance as well.

The enclosure can reduce the noise up to some level and that will be fair enough when comparing the state with the without an enclosure.

DIY 3d printer enclosures

These kinds of answers really make the 3D printer the best product to use. DIY 3d printer enclosure has been used as a good choice for the 3D printers.

In the early stages of the 3D printers, it could be seen the warping in high ratios. So, the DIY 3d printer enclosure was used as an answer to that problem and the 3D printer users used to think about the enclosure as an essential part.

The most important factor for the DIY 3D printer enclosure is the ease of creation and simple designing. It is true that the enclosures are delivered by the 3d printer manufacturing companies. But, it will not be a necessity to purchase another part as an extra expenditure. The companies will charge for the transport facilities, service charges, fixing charges, and anything that can cost you money.

What you can do to save money is creating your own DIY 3d printer enclosure. It will save lots of money and the satisfaction will remain for each and every time you use the 3D printer and get a perfect design. If you are searching for a design in the market that will take days to months until you find the best match for your 3d printer, as there are many types of 3D printers in different shapes and sizes.

When considering the advantages, ease of installation is the main thing. You can simply build your own DIY 3d printer enclosure and it will just fit with the 3D printer you have.

Simple DIY 3d printer enclosures

You can set up an easy enclosure for the printer with few efforts.

What you are going to need are a few things like plastic boxes, nails, tapes, and some papers.

You will be able to create a simple but well finished enclosure using 2 plastic boxes by yourself indeed. You have to be careful with what you do as the heat has to be maintained properly. A cutting wheel has to be reconfigured for this design.

This is just a simple enclosure method. So, you must remember to cover the most essential parts. Wires have to be fixed to go into the 3D printer and out of the 3D printer without any obstacles. If not, that will cost you some other expenditure in the future.

Another thing you will have to remember when creating the 3d printer enclosure by yourself, is leaving the space for the ample to move freely. So, the 3 axes will be able to work without any block.

Complex 3D printer enclosure that can be done by yourself

This is neither an easy one to create nor a cheap one like created using two plastic boxes. If you have seen on the internet, they are similar to the ones created by the manufacturer. The cost to create an enclosure may vary from $100 to $400.

There is the freedom to make your own changes and have an attempt to be a professional designer. These kinds of designs are not skipping some of the parts of the 3d printer. They are designed to cover every part of the printer.

As an example, the heating sensor is also considered as a part that has to be covered using the enclosure. The most favorable thing related to the advanced by doing it yourself is the higher-performing ability than the simple one.

You will not have to worry about replacing the existing enclosure with another one after some time. If it is a complex one, that will not have to be replaced at any time. You will be able to use it as soon as the 3D printer exists.

3D printer enclosure kit can save your time as well as the courage

If you are quit of building an enclosure kit of your own, buying a 3d printer enclosure kit online or from the market will suit you. Though you have tried creating either a simple one or a complex one, it may take some time to finish or you won’t have the necessary tools or knowledge to finalize the design.

So, the next step you can take is to purchase an enclosure kit from the market or online. There are different kinds of kits in the market. But, you need to find the exact design for your 3d printer. If not, you will have to purchase that kit one more time or make some troubles with the 3d printer parts.

The kit you are going to purchase must fit with the 3d printer you have. If it is a kit that has been developed and manufactured by the same manufacturer that your 3d printer belongs, there will be nothing more to think than buying. If it is another manufacturer, you will have to verify the exact details if that 3d printer enclosure kit fits with your 3d printer.

There are kits called 3D Printer Enclosure Kit Compatible with Ultimaker S5, Ultimaker 3 Extended Enclosure Kit, LulzBot Mini and Mini 2 ABS+ Safety Enclosure, LulzBot TAZ 6 ABS+ Enclosure Kit, Creality CR-10 Enclosure Kit, and Prusa MK2/MK2S/MK3 Enclosure Kit. If you intend to purchase a kit for your 3d printer, it will cost an amount ranging from $150 to $350.