The LEGO brand has been a pioneer brand in the toy industry for many decades. There are lots of semi brands under LEGO as toys. At present we can see that there are LEGO films, series, and many products made related to the LEGO brand name.

It has owned a huge place in the kids’ hearts in a very short time. If you want a LEGO toy, you will have to pay a huge amount to own a toy as it is that much expensive. But, there are lots of things that can be done thanks to the latest technology.

You have the technology to adapt these kid loving designs to be produced using the 3d printer you have. In ancient times, you might have happened to purchase those toys with your money.

But, you have the privilege to produce those toys by yourself at your home. That’s a good thing too when considering lots of factors as these toys are highly expensive.

If you are interested in producing 3d print LEGO, it will be a good way to earn money as well. There are thousands of LEGO shapes in the world and you can have the desired shape to construct using your 3D printer. The possibility to print those LEGO toys is a huge one as they are simply made of similar patterns of art.

Beginning to do that

What you need to construct a house is a brick. Like that, you are going to need a brick to make LEGO toys as they are made of smaller blocks. These blocks fit a large object as a result as well.

The LEGO Company has never manufactured a single object but as the pieces to build that particular object. If you are interested in building those objects, you will have to identify the needs of the objects.

So, you can design a small piece that can be used to build the final designs. That’s not rocket science. You will need samples of your own and they can be used to develop several LEGO models to be delivered to those who love buying LEGO products for a reasonable price.

The best reasons to print LEGO

LEGO has been a constant brand loved by both kids and adults. You will have to select the things to do with your 3D printer if you have one.

LEGO products have a high value in the marketing field as well as the consumer market. LEGO products are good ways to market a product. If you produce a toy using your 3D printer it will be a less expensive design than the genuine one.

Even if you had managed to produce it using the best materials, it wouldn’t be as expensive as the original design. Because the 3D printer has been a common device and the rare filaments have reduced their prices as well.

If you build a toy like LEGO, you will be able to have lots of profits because of the brand name.

Another thing for the benefits is the availability of many designs. You don’t have to create designs for your LEGO toys as there are thousands of LEGO designs already in the market. There are millions of toys in the Amazon that can inspire to produce toys.

The building material of the LEGO toys is the brick. As you know, there are some errors regarding the fit and finish of the 3D printer printings. The errors caused by the machine always make an impact on the value of the good that had been created. But, the LEGO toys have the tolerance of that error up to 0.004 millimeters and that tolerance limit is above the error that causes by the 3D printer.

So, it can be stated that perfection is approved for the LEGO toys with the 3d printers. Some LEGO shops sell parts of LEGO toys. If you lose or break a part of the printer, you will have to pay a high price for the toy as it must be done to rebuild the toy. If you have a 3D printer, you will be able to construct the toys at your home with the newly produced part. That’s not a big deal with your 3D printer.

Adding customization

This is another thing that can be done using your 3d printer. The LEGO co-operation has a color scheme of their own. It is helping them to keep their identity.

But, that’s not relevant to you as you have the full freedom to add any modification to your LEGO toy. If you want to add red color to your Captain America LEGO toy, you will be able to do that in an instant.

This is just an example to wake your imagination and creativity. If you want to modify a LEGO toy with CAD software like Fusion 360, OpenSCAD or Tinkercad. Those modifications are smart enough to add many values to the designs made by your 3D printer.

The limitations are less than doing nothing with the 3D printer you have. If you are smart enough to manage your 3D printer to design something new, you will be able to create things better than LEGO indeed.

The printers that can be used to print LEGO

There have to be some specific characters for a printer to carry out specified tasks. This theory is relevant for LEGO toys as well. You need to have a special 3D printer to get the print outs for LEGO toys.

Here are 02 of the best 3D printers that can be used to create LEGO toys.

Creality Ender 3

This model is very capable of making your goals achieved as it is not an expensive model in the market.

Ther are some features matching with the compatibility. 100-micron accuracy is such a thing you can get from this printer.

ABS filaments can be used for this printer and it helps you to get the printings in a quality standard. There is not a hard set up procedure for this printer as well.

If you receive a shipment, you will get the shipment as two main parts. You only have to fix 04 bolts to set up the printer.

This printer is a good delivery for the price you pay. There is a huge community to assist you in a need. Also, working with the printer is easier when comparing with other models.

ABS printing will require a DIY enclosure because of the open-source design. You will need to add some after design painting to add the polished look.

Sindoh 3DWOX 1

This printer is straight to work design. It requires no need to set up. You will be able to use it right after it was received.

This is a bit expensive printer design that can be bought for $1500. The seller is available on Amazon and the online market.

There will not be anything you need to worry about if you purchase the product as it meets with all the requirements of yours. Assisted Bed Leveling and Filament Auto-loading features are included in this printer for a proper experience.

The sound of the functioning 3D printer is less than 40dB and it is similar to inside a library. The only thing you need to bother is the price. If you manage to buy this product, it will be the perfect match for your 3D LEGO prints.

Common FAQs and Answers related for 3D print LEGO

Most of the people use to think about the possibilities they have to take when starting to build LEGO. Where can I have the LEGO parts? This is nothing to worry about as a developer as there are lots of samples as well as documents that can be found from the market or downloaded from the internet for free.

The shape is another thing you have to think when building the blocks. If you have enough creativity, you will be able to create the parts with the ridges, slopes, holes, and furrows as needed.

If you have a further motivation, you will be able to add parts furthermore. There are wheels, wings, heads, and many parts that can be added to beautify your LEGO toys.

You might ask yourself, What are the benefits can I get from producing LEGO?

Ther is not just a benefit but lots of things for sure. It is fun and creative to do always. Doing something for the first time is always fun. If you have creativity, it will be lots of fun for sure.

Also, you can build the places where you live, your family, vehicle and do millions of things that can make your time a featureful one. These little things can make your entire family happy.

These LEGO toys don’t come with many spare parts to add as replacements. So, you will have to wait many days until the replacement for your broken toy part arrives. If you have a 3D printer, you will not have to wait until the part reaches to you. What you need to do is to download and create the part by yourself.

Speed for 3D print LEGO

You know how much time it takes to reach the online purchased item to reach your doorstep. If you are living in an overseas country, you will have to wait about one month until it reaches you. But, you can create the toy within minutes if you have all the things needed. The speed is such a thing you should consider as a pro.

Is it legal to create LEGO?

Yes. But some limitations can cause trouble if you cross the line. The patent that the LEGO Company had, expired in 1989. So, many companies came into the business with similar products.

There is nothing you are held back from printing LEGO toys. But, you should understand that there are particular characters claimed by the LEGO Company.

You need to avoid producing those products. Star Wars. LEGO®, the LEGO® logo, the Brick, and DUPLO® are a few of those logos you should stay away.

Recent threats have been identified by the LEGO Company and they inform the people who create LEGO copyrighted toys to remove them from the market. If you are going to produce LEGO toys just for fun, even LEGO won’t say anything for being a fan that much.

Limitations for 3D print LEGO

Accuracy is a major thing that can cause trouble. As you already know the X, Y, and Z axes can cause a bit of error when printing. But, if you are not going to give attention to the stability of the 3D printer, those factors will cause enough trouble for the result.

There is a problem related to the quality as the only thing maintained by the LEGO Company was the quality. You will not be able to reach the quality of the LEGO cooperation.

Even though you try using the best materials, you will not be able to reach the premium and the embracing quality of the LEGO genuine toys. The most favorable material used for printing is the PLA for toys.

But, it doesn’t have a long durability because of its physical and chemical qualities. So, if you are going to produce LEGO toys for the local market, it will be a superb idea. But, if you are going to produce toys for the online market, that will not be a good thing to do with your printer 3D print LEGO.